Winter In Tallinn. How it looks like?

Winter in Tallinn.

Winter in Tallinn can very much differ with each different year. One year it might be like a slightly colder fall with cloudy and rainy weather and almost no snow, but another year it can be a real winter wonderland come to life. I truly hope that each one of you, when you visit Tallinn during winter, can experience this because this is something so beautiful.

During winter time there is a lot of things going on in Tallinn and this is not even the main Center in Estonia during winter. I will get to all that in a bit. So, what to do in Tallinn during winter and where to get the best winter experience in Estonia…

Winter time in Tallinn Old Town.

How the Old Town looks like during winter in Tallinn?

Old town in Tallinn is a very enchanting place. It is a mixture of winter wonderland and medieval city. Definitely one activity that has become very popular in old town during winter is skating on an outdoors skating rink that will only be put up in old town at winter.

This spot is specially romantic and charming evenings, when it is dark outside, since there is winter lights all around the skating rink. This is a perfect spot to take your loved one out for a date during winter in Tallinn.

Next to the skating rink there are many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or mulled wine with nuts and raisins, that is traditional drink, specially at Christmas time. Sometimes a warm drink will be the best thing that helps protect you from the cold evenings of winter in Tallinn.

Not far from the skating rink is a center of old town, where around Christmas time is held the annual Christmas Fair. This is a time when old town in Tallinn really comes to life during winter. In the center of the market is a big decorated Christmas tree as well as all square is decorated with Christmas lights, which makes it even more enchanting to visit during evenings.

Place around the tree is filled with different sales kiosks, where you can literally find everything from souvenirs to warm hats and mittens. Of course not to mention loads of different kind of candy and hot mulled wine. There is also always a little Santa Claus’ house with a real Santa Claus.

One of the most traditional and sweet items to purchase during this fair is “rooster candy”. If you are wondering what a rooster has to do with candies then come and check it out.

Besides shopping and visiting Santa Claus there are always different events or even concerts going on at the Winter Fair on a daily basis. This is a market that is usually up in old town for many weeks so plenty of time to get a full experience.

Nõmme Snow Park

As soon as some proper amount of snow hits the ground Nõmme Snow Park opens its doors to all visitors. This is like an amusement park for all winter sports fanatics. There are three different kinds of slopes that are divided by the level of severity. You can go there to mountain ski or snowboard. Even though Estonia doesn’t really have any proper mountains, but we do have plenty of hills and slopes that will still allow you to get your winter sport experiences in a fun way.

Nõmme is a beautiful vicinity to enjoy  even just for a refreshing walks during the period of winter in Tallinn.

This is like a suburban area of the city, but it is located still in the city. It has lots of beautiful houses alternating thick pine forests and parks. During a snowy winter it looks quite like a place where Santa would probably live.


Whenever you are in Estonia and you feel like you want to experience the Estonian life and nature somewhere outside the big city center, then it is possible to drive to South Estonia to Otepää.

I specially suggest it during the winter time, because this is the heart of winter activities and events. Otepää is called Estonian’s winter capital and for a good reason.

There is all winter activities possibilities available there. Even the chance to go visit the Winter Sports Museum. In Otepää there is a big lake called Pühajärve, so there is plenty to do even during summer time, but during winter this area is the heart of the country.

Throughout all winter there will be different winter sports events, like competitions, marathons and all kind of other events as well. There is a winter centre for the whole family to enjoy some skiing or skating. There are tracks and slopes of different lengths and different levels so everyone can find something fun to do there.

For nature and history lovers there is a special place in Otepää called Otepää Hill Fort. It has even been marked by a yellow National Geographics window.

The hill itself is about 13 000 years old and 165.5 meters above sea level. So it is a pretty nice little climb to challenge yourself with. On top of the hill there is remains of fort that used to be stone stronghold from 1224. It used to be one of the strongest strongholds of Ancient Estonia and the oldest known firearm in the world was found in this hill fort. So it definitely is a remarkable place.

Not to mention the scenery and the views over Otepää and lakes. Definitely a perfect spot for beautiful landscape pictures and selfies. It is a good place to visit all year round but during winter time it is really magical. During winter time it is like a fairytale scenery coming to life and you can experience it right then and there.

Like you can see, there is plenty of fun things to do inside and outside of Tallinn during winter time. If you are in Estonia during winter don’t hesitate to communicate with the local people as well to ask for more tips about things to do in winter.