Tips for traveling via PLQ Airport

PLQ Airport near the Baltic Sea

Have you ever been in Lithuania? Not yet? So, there is great opportunity to visit Lithuania via international PLQ Airport. It’s situated in the western part of the country, not really far from the Baltic Sea. So, a wonderful view through the window is almost guaranteed for plane passengers.

Palanga Airport is the smallest airport in Lithuania. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that variety of flights directions is quite limited. Still if you’re planning to fly from London, Riga, Copenhagen or other cities, such as Warsaw, Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, Oslo, you can feel free to choose PLQ Airport in Lithuania. Some of the destinations are even really popular, thus sometimes airplanes land or leave to the particular direction twice a day.

Transport options from PLQ Airport

Palanga Airport is situated a bit further from the living area right next to the road Palanga – Sventoji. Distance between the airport and the center of Palanga town is approximately 8 kilometers. So, it’s the nearest bigger town to the PLQ Airport.

After arrival you’ll have several options to reach your next stop. One of them is public transport. Buses and micro buses will take you to Klaipeda, Palanga, Sventoji, Siauliai or even to Liepaja town in Latvia. The bus stop is aside the PLQ Airport, thus you can easily find it. As usual, traveling by public transport is more affordable than traveling by taxi but you should keep in mind that the schedule of leaving buses is rather poor.

For those who love to feel more comfortable during the trip, there’s another way to reach their destination. It’s a taxi service. Typically, some taxi cars are waiting for passengers near the terminal of PLQ Airport. If it’s not your lucky day and all taxi cars are already gone, you should feel free to call for a taxi. There are more than 10 taxi companies in Palanga town and Sventoji village. Here’s a full list of taxi providers in Palanga and Sventoji.