TOP 11 Remarkable Places to visit in Klaipeda

Klaipeda is a wonderful city full of emotion, beauty and charm. During the trip you’ll find many gorgeous places to visit in Klaipeda. Below you can take a look at short list of recommended sights in the city which is located aside the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon. So, after active day the lovely evening is waiting for you on the seashore.

1 Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium

Is a bad weather today? Just don’t be sad about that. You can choose a brilliant solution. Scenic expositions and amazing dolphins’ shows are waiting for you in Lithuania Sea Museum and Dolphinarium.

2 Ambiguous Sculpture

In 2015 an ambiguous sculpture appears aside the walkway along the Bank of Dane River. Essentially, it looks really impressive if you don’t mind that “Mermaid” is semi-nude. On the other hand, the sculpture has a historical value too. The tail of “Mermaid” is decorated with coins of former Lithuanian currency.

Mermaid in Klaipeda

3 Klaipeda Clock and Watch Museum

Klaipeda Clock and Watch Museum is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Klaipeda. Remarkable expositions, brilliant park of Sun Clocks and pleasant environment are waiting for you there. The Museum is easily accessible from the city center. It’s situated a bit further from the Dane River in Liepu Street.

4 “Meridian”

Lithuania is a small country and huge white sailboat is quite unusual occurrence. However, “Meridian” is widely known by local people and it’s one of the most popular sights between tourists in Klaipeda. Nowadays, you are welcome to the fancy restaurant which is situated there.  An amazing sailboat is waiting for you in the Dane River, next to the Bridge of Birzos.

Meridian in the City of Klaipeda

5 Park of Sculptures

Park of Sculptures is one of the biggest parks in the city. It’s well known as a significant part of cultural life in Klaipeda. There are more than 115 sculptures from different period of time. If you are an art lover, you should visit this place during your trip around Lithuania.

6 Klaipeda Old Town

Klaipeda city hasn’t such a huge Old Town as Vilnius has. Though, the beauty of architecture, lovely shops and little streets give a unique charm for the Old Town. Also, the gems of fachwerk architecture are an impressive cultural and historical heritage which you’ll see during the stroll through cobblestone streets in Klaipeda Old Town.

Klaipeda Old Town

7 Theater Square

Theater Square is a quite small but lovely area next to the Drama Theater. Beautiful fountain and charming sculpture called “Taravos Anike” are located in the right corner of the Square. This place is easily accessible through the narrow streets in Klaipeda Old Town.

Theater Square in Klaipeda Old Town

8 Breakwater of Klaipeda Port

Have you ever seen how the waves are breaking to the breakwater? No?  So, now you have a great opportunity! On windy days or sunny evenings it’s one of the most impressive places to visit in Klaipeda. Breakwater is situated a bit further from the city center. Therefore, the easiest way to reach it would be traveling by car.

Breakwater of Klaipeda Port

9 Sculpture of “Magical Mouse”

Do you believe in miracles? I do. Sculptors S. Jurkus and S. Plotnikovas also believe that dreams come true. They created a wonderful sculpture from bronze and stone. It calls “Magical Mouse”. The sculpture is located near the crossroad of the Streets Kurpiu and Mesininku. After you find it, the only thing you have to do is to whisper your good wishes to the mouse’s ear.

Magical Mouse in the Old Town

10 M. Mazvydas Alley

During the trip you might find many wonderful places to visit in Klaipeda. Nevertheless, M. Mazvydas Alley is one of the most beautiful pedestrian walk in the city. Gorgeous sculptures and pleasant environment will captivate you there.

11 John’s Hill in Klaipeda

John’s Hill is a nice name for the remains of old defensive fortress. It’s a historical treasure which will be reconstructed in the near future.

John's Hill in Klaipeda