Stelmuze Oak

Stelmuze Oak Lithuania

Brief Description

Lithuania is well known as “green” country. Lush greenery isn’t a miracle for local inhabitants. Maples aside the roads or charming forests with delicious mushrooms are not a surprise there too. Though, the tree which would be older than 1500 years is an infrequent phenomenon not just in Lithuania but in the whole Europe region.

So, Stelmuze Oak surely is the lucky one. In the Stelmuze village the Oak is growing for more than 1500 years. Nowadays it has become widely popular between tourists and nature lovers.

Stelmuze Oak

Stelmuze Oak looks really impressive. It isn’t so high but the width of its trunk seems staggering. The diameter is about 3,5 meters. People say that less than eight men couldn’t enfold its trunk. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to take that challenge as the territory around Stelmuze Oak is surrounded with metal fence. It’s a preventive measure to protect weak Oak’s roots. At these days, Stelmuze Oak is frequently supervised. Many branches are strengthened with additional pillars. Stelmuze Oak is still alive and might be a symbol of an eternal life.

Legendary Story

Stelmuze Oak is growing for almost two thousand years and it might be an original source of history. If just the tree could speak, treasures of past would rise in the day light and dark spots of history would be vanished. However, this scenario would be true if we live in the fantasy world. Nowadays stunning legends from different periods of history surround Stelmuze Oak.

One of widely known legends is about Napoleon march to Russian empire in XIX century. It says that hollow of Stelmuze Oak was as a shelter for lonely soldier from Napoleon army. After painful failure in Russian empire Napoleon with remaining soldiers were trying to escape of this tragic nightmare. One of the soldiers decided to hide in hollow of Stelmuze Oak. Unfortunately, he died in the shelter and only after many years people found his bones and gun there.

Wonderful Surroundings

Stelmuze Oak is growing in the wonderful place surrounded with lovely forest and fascinating objects such as wooden church, smallish belfry, solid Tower of Slave. It’s a place widely beloved by tourists. Many visitors are charmed with stories about the legendary Oak and impressed by excellent talent of Latvian carpenters who built a wooden church near the Stelmuze Oak. In the same time nature lovers are excited about tranquil and peaceful atmosphere here which let them to run away from the city rush.

That beautiful piece of nature is easily reachable not for only Lithuanian travelers but for Latvian visitors as well. The legendary Oak is growing in the small Lithuanian village which is called Stelmuze. It’s located aside the state borderline with Latvia. In the northeastern part of Lithuania the best way to reach Stelmuze village is leading through Zarasai town. At the beginning, the road looks like a typical regional road in the country but a bit later it became untypical and funny way alongside the old homestead and lovely landscape. The surprising road’s meanders will fulfill your trip with unforgettable experience. So, Stelmuze Oak and others attractive objects in that small village should be checked in your journey list.