Parnidis Dune

Parnidis Dune

Curonian Spit National Park

Curonian Spit National Park is an amazing place for pleasant vacations in Lithuania. It’s situated alongside the gorgeous coast of Baltic Sea from one side and the blue Curonian Lagoon from another side. The National Park is recognized as a unique and remarkable place in Lithuania. Sixteen years ago it was included to UNESCO World Heritage List.

Parnidis Dune

Parnidis Dune is one of the most exclusive nature’s treasures in Curonian Spit National Park. That’s the place beloved by tourists and extremely protected from accidental damage at the same time. Nowadays, Parnidis Dune is about 52 meters above the sea level. Sadly, but each year it become a bit lower because of natural processes of nature and inappropriate behavior of visitors. The magical dune is a part of unique reserve. So, tourists should follow the rules of visiting Parnidis Dune and do not climb to others dunes or its slopes. The special path and stunning viewpoint is equipped for visitors.

There are many reasons for visiting Parnidis Dune. An amazing panorama is one of them. From the Parnidis Dune’s viewpoint the widest part of Curonian Lagoon (Bulvikio Horn) appears. Also, on the horizon you’ll see forest, red roofs of cozy houses from Nida town, legendary lighthouse which is like a shining star for more than 130 years and impressive panorama of ‘traveling’ dunes. Though, the most charming panorama opens there in the early mornings or in lovely evenings. Sun magically rises and sets straight to the water. It’s a unique phenomenon and gives you remarkable memories of the trip.


‘Parnidis Dune’ name story is closely related with legend about ‘traveling’ dunes. The origin of the unique dune’s name usually is connecting with Lithuanian phrase ‘perejusi per Nida’.  In English it means ‘the dune which passed through Nida’.

Legendary story says that dunes are like faithful wanderers. These beautiful nature treasures are changing its location constantly. Though, the dunes had never wondering too far and always stay in motherland – Curonian Spit. However, the romantic legend about faithful wanderers has its bad side too. Local inhabitants say that an amazing complex of dunes had buried about 14 villages of fishermen during the years.

Sun Clock

At these days an impressive Sun Clock is situated on the Parnidis Dune. It’s more than 13 meters high and made from solid material – granite. The horizontal part of Sun Clock is made from durable material too. However, it has a naturally look because of wind-blown sand layers. There you’ll see many signs which mean hours, minutes, months and four sunflowers and equinox days.  It’s not really difficult to realize what time is it but it might be a challenge for some of us.