Palanga Bridge

Amazing evening on Palanga Bridge.

Attractive Palanga Bridge

Palanga is a small but charming village which has holiday resort status in Lithuania. Usually tourists come here during the summer period but that doesn’t mean bad weather or unpleasant environment for last nine months.  Tourists are welcome to unique Palanga Amber Museum during whole year.

Also you can visit such objects like historical Birute’s Hill, amazing Palanga Botanic Park, Dancing Musical Fountain, unusual Sculptures Park and other wonderful objects in Palanga. The exception shouldn’t be the Palanga Bridge.

Palanga Bridge sometimes is called as Sea Bridge too. It starts at the end of resort center in J. Basanavicius Street and lead you straight to the horizon of Baltic Sea. The Bridge has lights, so it’s an attractive place for evening walk. It might be the reason why sunset on the the Bridge became a tradition for tourists or romantics lovers.

How the Palanga Bridge looks like from the other perspective?

Historical Background

The history of Palanga Bridge reminds us that the main purpose of the Bridge was an active ships dock. Well known noblemen Tiskeviciai created a sturdy and safe dock for coming ships in the XIX century. Goods were transported straight through the bridge and loaded to the waiting ships in the dock. Unfortunately, the Mother Nature disapproved that decision and the pier was flooded with sand. At these days Palanga Bridge is better known as a lovely place for an evening walk than the historical dock.

Palanga Bridge