Palanga Amber Museum

Palanga Amber Museum in winter time.

Amber is a wonderful piece of fossilized tree resin. Its color can vary from dark brown to bright yellow or even white. However, not all travelers known that amber is mostly common found on the shore of the Baltic Sea. So, many locals are used to take home some natural gemstones from their wonderful holidays on the beach. Nevertheless, the most impressive pieces of amber are exhibited in the Palanga Amber Museum. So, you should not miss a chance to take a closer look.

Historical Background of Palanga Amber Museum

Magnificent Amber Museum is established in the former palace of nobles Tiskeviciai. The fascinating building was created in the XIX century by an amazing German architect F. Schwechten. It was one of the most luxurious mansions in the whole region. Fancy exterior details and other spectacular features of neoclassicism surprise many travelers till these days. Dozens of the town guest come to visit this impressive masterpiece.

Gorgeous Amber Museum in Palanga.

From 1963 the mansion houses an attractive Amber Museum. More than four thousands spectacular exhibits are presented for the curious visitors in 15 exposition halls. Incredible collection of amber inclusions is widely known as one of the greatest collections in the Europe and often it leaves the most remarkable memories from the visitation. Also, while walking through the museum you’ll become familiar with the facts and historical details that are closely related to the processes of amber formation and the directions of trade. You’ll have a great opportunity to visit amazing art exhibitions as well. It’s held in the cozy chapel in the Tiskeviciai palace. Thus, informative expositions, impressive collection and authentic palace environment are waiting for you in the Palanga Amber Museum.

Ways to reach this Museum

Amber Museum is surrounded with fascinating Birute’s Park. Wherefore, there is no possibility for entering in to the park territory with a car. Though, you can easily reach the museum through the various walking paths. One of them leads you through the Birute’s Hill. There you should keep the left side but don’t change the track. On the right side you’ll see a wonderful Lourdes and on the left side you’ll be surprised with an ancient street lamp equipped on the stone. Go through it and an amazing rosary and the palace will appear in front of you.

Spring in the Birute's Park aside the Palanga Amber Museum.

If you come from the town side, your lovely stroll will take a bit longer than from the Seaside. However, you have more time for admiring the peacefulness and tranquility in nature. Park consists of so many paths that is rather hopeless try to explain you how to reach Palanga Amber Museum in the shortest way. All I could recommend is to find a pond because the mansion is situated nearby. Have a good time!

Other useful information

Ticket price – 2.40€ (There is discount for students. Student card is required.)

Guide services – additional charge.

Opening hours – it’s different depending on the period of year. From June 1st till August 31st Palanga Amber Museum is open 10am – 8pm (on Tuesday – Saturday). Also, you’re welcome to visit the museum on Sunday from 10am till 7pm. In the other months museum is open from 11am to 5pm (on Tuesday – Saturday) and from 11am till 4pm on Sunday. Entrance for new visitors closes in an hour before closing.

Monday is day off all year round.