New Year’s Eve in Tallinn 2020

New Year's Eve in Tallinn

New Year’s Eve in Tallinn is really something to experience with your friends or family. Normally Estonians are considered as people who do not tend to show their emotions very much publicly, but at New Year’s Eve all this is about to change.

People all over the city are in very festive mood and as the hours go by in the evening people move around on town from one party place to the next. Estonians have sometimes been described even as cold and indifferent people by foreigners, but I can surely tell you this: these people have never celebrated New Year’s Eve in Tallinn.

Winter time is the most magical time in Tallinn. Throughout December you can enjoy the Christmas festivities in Christmas Fair and even visit Santa Claus if you manage to see him there. On the New Years Eve though the whole city is packed with different kind of events and parties. All depends what kind of celebration you are looking for.

What to do on New Year’s Eve in Tallinn

Throughout the city there are numerous things to do in Tallinn and abundant places to eat out or just have some drinks – restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, lounges – you name it. Most of the places are situated around city center, but not all of them.

Each neighbourhood has their own as well so regardless of which part of Tallinn you are staying on New Year’s Eve. There is no need to go to the city center if you don’t want to. There is sure to be some party places wherever you are.

Now you might think, do I even get a reservation or a place in a restaurant on New Year’s Eve in Tallinn? That might be difficult but not impossible. My advice is as soon as you arrive to the city to book reservation in advance if you already know, where you want to dine in this special evening. Of course not all places are fully booked in New Years Eve.

In the city center there are numerous night clubs that are open all night on a night like this. My advice to you though, if you know that you want to take your New Year’s Eve party to any of the nightclubs, make sure you pre-buy yourself a ticket or get there early on in the evening. Otherwise you’ll have to wait in a long line to enter at night.Other than that every night club has their own unique type of events always planned for this night.

Nightclubs in Tallinn.

One of the most popular nightclub in old town is Hollywood and most likely in New Year’s Eve a variety of Estonians best of the best DJ’s will be in this club. For those people who look for a little more glamourous and stylish night club parties, there is a nightclub called Teater just by the Freedom Square.

These are just some examples, in reality there are many nightclubs more and it would probably take a whole other article to describe them all. Important thing is everybody can find a nightclub of their choosing in Tallinn. Since everyone on town are in a very festive mood that evening then do not hesitate to ask people to show you some places or give suggestions.

Great Spot for Watching Fireworks

The big question is though, where to go to see the fireworks at midgnight. That night there is no place in Tallinn where there would be no New Year’s Eve parties, but the best place to see the biggest fireworks is in the center of the city center, it’s called Vabaduse Väljak (Freedom Square). This is the place where city’s fireworks is being held so it is the most grand fireworks show in the city.

People usually go there from all over the city, take their friends and bottle of champagne and enjoy the festive moods until the fireworks show begins. Some years there even been a stage with different performers and a couple of years even the President has held their New Year’s Eve speech in Freedom Square. Then again I can not promise those last things happening every year, because each year is a little different.

Fireworks on New Year's Eve in Tallinn

Another great place where to watch the fireworks is Linnahall – it is a huge old abandoned building right besides the sea, which means with a clear weather you can experience fireworks from all over the city.

On one side there is the sea and you could see fireworks on the background. On the other side you see fireworks above the old town panorama. Remember, this spot is only great to be in with good clear weather, otherwise the clouds or snow or rain will shadow the great views and you might be disappointed.

New Year’s Eve in Tallinn is definitely something special and it does not matter if you celebrate it in a fancy restaurant, in a cozy pub, in a loud night club or just stroll around the town with friends while enjoying some sparkling or mulled wine.

The vibes and celebrative moods of people is really something to experience at least once in a lifetime in comparison of the every-day-Tallinn, where people are minding their own business and strangers most likely will not come up to talk to you randomly. New Year’s Eve this is all very different.