Lovely Cow’s Cave in Lithuania

Unique Cow's Cave in Lithuania

The northern part of Lithuania is really phenomenal region of the country. Thousands of karstic cavities enliven traditional scenery and give a unique charm for Lithuanian landscape. One of the most famous cavity is called Cow’s Cave (Karves Ola in Lithuanian language) and is well known among local travelers.

Alluring details about Cow’s Cave

First thing you might be interested in is a formation process of cavities such as Cow’s Cave. The main reason that influences the formation processes is numerous dolomite and gypsum layers. Both of these elements melt over the time. After dissolution of gypsum and dolomite the surface layers of the ground simply fall in. Then we see funnel shaped karstic cavities which are often called in various lovely names. Cow’s Cave is one of them.

Wooden sign and lovely statue in front of the Cow's Cave nerby Birzai Town in Lithuania.

Majority of locals know one extraordinary story about unexplainable disappearance of a cow. Many years ago shepherds were grazing cows in the same area that are strongly beloved by karstic phenomena. However, when they started to herd the livestock to the farm they recognized that one of the cows is missing. During the careful search the shepherds discovered only a peace of chain lying nearby the sinkhole. Thus, from that time this mysterious cavity is well known as Cow’s Cave.

Nowadays, it looks like a mystic entrance into the magical kingdom of nature. Steep slopes, lush greenery and wooden staircase create fabulous impressions and inexpressible emotions for visitors. What is more, Cow’s Cave is one of the largest karstic cavities in Lithuania. It’s more than 12 meters deep and about 10 -12 meters wide. However, the size of Cow’s Cave still slightly change from time to time, thus it’s quite difficult to assess the exact dimensions. In addition, researchers believe that Cave of Cow also is one of the oldest karstic cavities. It might be about 200 years old. Hence, this fascinating cave definitely should take a high position in your What to do in Northern Lithuania List.

Lovely staircase to the heart of Cow's Cave in Lithuania.

Tips for reaching Cow’s Cave with ease

Lovely Cow’s Cave is situated relatively close to the Birzai Town. Distance between Birzai Museum Sela and this impressive cave is even less than 5 kilometers. However, way toward Cow’s Cave is the tricky one. There you’ll face with the shortage of useful signs aside the roads, especially in that place where you should turn away from the main road. Though, if you’re modern traveler and you’re used to GPS or other smart maps, you won’t have any difficulties to reach the destination. The only thing you have to remember is that Cow’s Cave and Karves Ola is one and the same place in Lithuania.

Helpful tips

Most of us love to discover new countries. However, only a relatively small part of travelers decide to visit not only capital cities but also to explore the smaller cities or towns. So, if you’re one of them, these advises should help you to plan the trip with ease.

Firstly, you need a car. Cow’s Cave is situated almost in the middle between Lithuanian and Latvian capitals, so it’s easily accessible from both countries. Distance between Riga and Cow’s Cave is only about 100 kilometers, however those who will be traveling from Vilnius has to be prepared for twice longer journey. Also, there is a possibility to reach Birzai Town by bus but this way of traveling takes much more time. Meanwhile, car rental service is quite well developed in the Baltic States, thus you shouldn’t worry about that.

Secondly, when you’re already in Birzai Town, you have to choose the road toward Mantagailiskis village. The majority part of the road will lead straight through the ancient houses and meadows. Nevertheless, there are several key turns that might definitely confuse you.

First confusing turn toward Cow's Cave in northern Lithuania.
Confusing Turn in Birzai Town. Source: Google Maps

First of them is in front of the gas station and cemetery. Then you should keep on the right way. Other turn will be as soon as you’ll see a sign toward ‘Salociai’. The street might seems really narrow, so don’t be surprised of that. In some minutes you’ll leave the town and then the final turn will wait you behind the small forest.

The last turn that lead you straight to the Cow's Cave.
The last turn toward Cow’s Cave. Source: Google Maps

Unfortunately, the last several hundred meters lead you through the gravel road but it isn’t a problem for adventure lovers. Isn’t it? In the end of the road you’ll find a parking lot which is absolutely free. So, take your time.

Summing up, the route to Cow’s Cave is really challenging but you shouldn’t be frightened of that. During the warm season numerous tourists are visiting the Cow’s Cave. There is a real possibility that you’ll see some travel buses nearby the last turn. So, it would be the key sign that you almost reach your final destination. Happy travel!