Learn Lithuanian Online. Top 9 Resources for You

Learn Lithuanian from online resources.

Traveling is one of the most popular activity in the world. Often tourists visit well known places and have dinner in the best rated cafes or restaurants. It’s great for regular traveler. However, if you wish to discover new fascinating places or get to know more about particular culture and its historical details, you should speak in the local language. Thus, below is a great list of online resources for those who are planing to learn Lithuanian.

All websites are presented in the random order.

1 Lithuanian verb conjugation

Verbs are quite confusing in Lithuanian language. In this website: http://cooljugator.com/lt you’ll find a huge list of Lithuanian verbs and some main rules of its conjugation. It’s really useful information that can help not only for the beginners.

Tutorial of Lithuanian verbs.

2 Great 44 lessons for free!

This website: http://labs.ikindalikelanguages.com/courses.php?id=16 creates a wonderful opportunity to try 44 lessons without any charge. There you’ll find comprehensive explanations with perfect examples. In addition, each lesson contains short tests that are used for improving the learning process.

Free lessons to learn Lithuanian online.

3 Useful Forum

Those who are planning to learn Lithuanian might face with various challenges. Often it can be related to the slang words because it’s rather common in Lithuanian language. There are plenty of useful topics with explanations of Lithuanian words, phrases and slang expressions. Thus, forum is a great place for discussing and learning.
Here is the link to the website: http://www.debeselis.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=8ee4faddf8abaa63a3a904f3383dc44e

Useful forum that might helps to learn Lithuanian slang words and phrases.

4 Learn language from the locals

It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn Lithuanian language from local people. This website: https://app.wespeke.com offers an amazing platform for communication. There are two ways to find a learning partner. One of them is absolutely automatic. That means that you’ll get automatically selected people who can communicate with you in Lithuanian language. Another way is using the filters. It gives you a change to pick a person who matched your criteria. In addition, you’re welcome to buy credits that you can use for lessons.

Learn Language Online. Opportunity to find a speaking partner who will help you to learn foreign language faster

5 Learn Lithuanian in a funny way

Learning process shouldn’t be boring anymore! In this website: https://www.loecsen.com/en/learn-lithuanian you’ll be surprised with super funny illustrations that looks quite unusual. In addition, several phrases and dialogues have voice records. That really helps to remember particular words and situations where it’s used. However, not all learning material is free.

Greatwebsite to learn Lithuanian language.

6 Lithuanian phrases and words with voice records

Internet is full of great material for learning languages. This website: http://www.surfacelanguages.com/language/Lithuanian.html is one of them. Although, information is presented in a little old-fashioned way but it’s still useful. Majority of Lithuanian phrases and words are listed with voice records. Therefore, it’s easier to learn correct pronunciation. Almost each topic has a short quiz with pictures. So, you can easily check your progress.

Lithuanian word and phrases

7 Other communication platform

Like many others ‘My Language Exchange’ (https://www.mylanguageexchange.com) is quite popular communication platform. There are perfect opportunities to find people who speak in Lithuanian really well. So, it’s a great way to improving your Lithuanian language skills.


8 Do you know the longest Lithuanian word?

Very attractive and useful website: http://lingvo.info/en/lingvopedia/lithuanian. Dozens of words with voice records and illustrations are presented in really lovely way. There you’ll find the main details about Lithuania, alphabet, some historical facts and funny expressions. Also, you can challenge yourself by trying to pronounce the longest Lithuanian word. However, they do not provide a consistent guide for learning Lithuanian.

Interesting informationa and the longest Lithuanian word are waiting for you.

9 Learn Lithuanian subconsciously

Bliu bliu website (https://bliubliu.com/en/) offers you a different way of learning. It’s a very interactive platform where first of all you have to check your knowledge in Lithuanian language. Then your learning process starts at listening the dialogues and learning unknown words. After that you can track your progress by saving your results.

Learn Lithuanian on 'Bliu Bliu'

Are these resourses were useful for you? What other resourses you would recommend for learning Lithuanian language?