Labanoras Tower


Lithuania is a small but wonderful country. Though, mostly travelers tend to visit the same common sights in bigger cities or capital of the state.  Unfortunately, they definitely miss their chance to have a closer look at the real beauty of Lithuanian nature, cultural and historical treasures. Many fascinating sights, such as Labanoras Tower, Lithuanian Ethno-Cosmology Museum, Moletai Astronomical Observatory and others are situated in smaller towns or even villages.

If you are nature lover, traveling in the eastern part of Lithuania might be much more impressive than afternoon in the crowded city center. There are no reasons for spending sunny day in the middle of concrete jungle. So, I recommend you to rent a car and go for a ride.

3 Reasons for visiting Labanoras Tower

As Lithuania is a flat country, various type of observation towers are constructed for looking around the area in National, Regional and other parks or woods. Below I provide you with three persuasive reasons for visiting Labanoras Tower which also might be called as Midunai Tower.


  1. Labanoras Tower has a perfect viewpoint which is 36 meters above the ground. It’s one of the highest towers with open viewpoint in the whole country. From above you’ll be charmed with scenic panorama to deep Labanoras Woods and freshwater lakes.
  2. Other reason to visit Labanoras Tower is impressive architecture design. From the very first view it might remind you a graceful rocket in the middle of the forest. All construction of the Tower is made from metal and it gives the feeling of safety. So, if you are familiar with a fear of heights, that’s a great opportunity to beat it.
  3. Labanoras Tower is situated only about 20 kilometers away from Moletai Astronomical Observatory and Lithuanian Ethno-Cosmology Museum. Visiting observation Tower is absolutely free. Thus, why not?


How to reach the Labanoras Tower?

The sight is marked with brown road sign, so it’s not really difficult to find it. However, the last several kilometers take you through the narrow forest road.