A Cultural Symbol of Palanga called Kurhauzas

Kurhauzas is the main symbol of Palanga Resort.

Undoubtedly, Kurhauzas is one of the most imposing buildings in the main street of Palanga. It was built in late of XIX century and is still known as the symbol of Palanga Resort. Nowadays the town guests have an opportunity to visit the historical building and look over it’s interior during one of many live music concerts held there.

Kurhauzas was built in the end of XIX century as a lovely and romantic restaurant. In the short run, there was established the first hotel in Palanga town as well as reading room and games room. Even more, dancing parties, concerts and theater performances were held there too. Very quickly Kurhauzas became one of the most popular entertainment places among local intellectuals in the area.

Unfortunately, a terrible fire absolutely destroyed the symbol of Palanga in 2002. Restoration of the building was started only ten years later. At these days we can see the masonry part of the building restored. However, wooden part still needs to be restored and it’s planned to be done in the near future.