What you have to know about Halloween in Lithuania 2019?

Halloween in Lithuania

Halloween is rather controversial festival in Lithuania. Youth and tradespeople usually have a positive approach to noisy and colorful carnival on the All Hallows Evening. Tradespeople are happy because of great opportunity to earn more. Also chance to feel like a stunning character from beloved movie and possibility to reveal secret personal features while impersonating sounds of various personages is really alluring for many young people.

Usually that disguises might be related with desire to revolt. For instance formerly witches were better known as dangerous enemy for communities. So, they were simply burned on the bonfire. At these days, witch costume is probably one of the most popular on Halloween night.

White ghosts at Halloween night.

From the other hand, middle aged people and seniors frequently are confused and dissatisfied while talking about rapidly spreading tradition of Halloween festival in Lithuania. It’s thought that tranquility and concentration should be leading emotions during All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day. Usually Halloween is understood as an opportunity to have fun on All Hallows Evening. Also, it’s thought that Halloween hasn’t any symbolic meaning because it’s not related to the ancient Lithuanians traditions.

Native inhabitants are used to visit graveyards and light up candles during All Hallows Evening and All Saints Day. Peacefulness and respect for deceased are the basis of traditional All Saints Day in the country.

All Hallows Evening in Lithuania

Where can you celebrate Halloween in Lithuania?

Halloween isn’t a traditional festival in Lithuania. Therefore, upcoming Haloween parties are usually announced about a week before they will be held.

Even so, you are welcome to become a part of exciting carnivals in the bars or special events.

Happy Halloween in Lithuania

List of the best places for celebrating Halloween in Vilnius 2019

1. Pelėda Night Pub
Address:V. Mykolaičio-Putino g. 5, Vilnius

2. Cheers Pub
Address: Trakų g. 7, Vlnius

3. SING karaokės namai
Address:Gedimino pr. 27, Vilnius

4. Cocainn Club
Address:Gedimino pr. 2, Vilnius

5. Salento Disco Pub
Address:Didžioji g. 28, Vilnius

Spooky Halloween in Vilnius

List of the best places for celebrating Halloween in Kaunas 2019

1. Taboo Night Club
Address:Pilies g. 12, Kaunas

2. Mojo Lounge
Address:Rotušės a. 20, Kaunas

Address:Rotušės aikštė 3, Kaunas

4. Džem’pub
Address:Laisvės alėja 59, Kaunas

5. Dejavu Party Bar
Address:Rotušės aikštė 2, Kaunas

Warm Halloween drinks

List of the best places for celebrating Halloween in Klaipėda 2019

1. Kaštonas/ChestNut
Address: Naglių g. 18b, Neringa, Klaipėdos Apskritis

2. Seven Pub
Address:Žvejų g. 7, Klaipėda

Halloween party with stunning Halloween pumpkins