New Year’s Eve in Vilnius 2020

Fireworks and New Year’s Eve in Vilnius.

Vilnius as a capital city of Lithuania becomes by far the biggest New Year’s Eve party scene in the country every year, attracting huge numbers of locals and tourists.

Not everyone likes to find their selves in huge crowds. If that’s you – we would recommend checking out nearby city Kaunas or Lithuania’s greatest resort town Palanga where almost every hotel organizes their own New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

In Vilnius, there are really two options to go about your NYE evening.

First and more budget-friendly is to join the crowd in Vilnius Old Town and celebrate together with the majority of people in Cathedral Square, where the main city celebration takes place.

Another way is to book one of the many NYE events organized by various high-end hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Whatever is more suitable to you, booking your hotel and restaurant in-advance is the key as they tend to sell out quickly way before the actual night.

The best spots to watch fireworks

Cathedral Square. Even though the exact location of fireworks usually is announced only a few days before the New Year’s Eve, they’re always designed with guests in the Cathedral Square in mind. Therefore it gets especially crowded at midnight.

Hill of Three Crosses. Beautiful panorama of Vilnius Old Town opens from this hill. If fireworks are launched from Cathedral Square, Hill of Three Crosses will give you one of the best angles.

NYE Events in Vilnius

The last evening of the year with the glasses of wine.

Below you will find information about New Year’s Eve events last year.
All details about upcoming New Year’s Eve events will be updated very soon!

Things to do on New Year’s Eve in Vilnius

One of the most difficult parts of the NYE celebration is deciding where to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. There are some sexy suggestions that might dispel your doubts and help you to plan an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Vilnius.

  1. GALA concert called “Auksiniai Duetai”(The Golden Duet). The performance is suitable for people of various ages. Lithuanian musicians will perform well-known songs. Romantic music sound will fulfill the area with love and peacefulness. Anyone wishing to visit GALA concert on NYE is welcome in Siemens Arena, Vilnius. The concert starts at 5 pm and lasts approximately for an hour and 40 minutes.
    Ticket prices start from €21.90.
  2. Blitzrave: New Years Eve Edition will be a fantastic show! Two festivals (New Year Eve and the Birthday of LOFTAS) will be merged to one unforgettable event. Over 15 DJ (such as: MIST, Benua, BLACK WATER, Reflec and others), live performs will create an impressive mood for greeting the New Year.
    Those who wish to join the event are welcome to LOFTAS Bar at 10 pm.
    Address: Švitrigailos str. 29, Vilnius.
    Dress code is quite unusual – 90s rave.
    Tickets from 10 euros per person.
  3. A lovely stroll through the charming Streets in the Vilnius Old Town. It’s absolutely free. Although the night of NYE is rather stormy than usual you still can admire the architecture of Vilnius Old Town. Also, a slow walk will introduce you to the amazing festive environment that surrounds you during whole New Year’s Eve in Vilnius.

All tickets are provided on the

NYE in a different way – without Alcohol!

Year after year nothing has changed. Spectacular fireworks and loud parties have become a casual occupation on NYE. If the same just happened to you, this suggestion is a great option for your New Year’s in Vilnius. If you’re not used to celebrating the NYE without alcohol, you’re welcome to join this festival and spend New Year’s Eve in a more spiritual way! Vegetarian dishes, pleasant environment, meaningful games, and live music will create a dozen unforgettable moments on the last eve of 2017.

New Year's Eve without Alcohol. Celebration near Vilnius.

Additional information

The ticket price of the NYE package is 50 euros per person (under 18 years – ticket is not needed). It consists of alluring program, New Year’s Eve dinner, live music concert by Ieva Zasimauskaitė-Kiltinavičienė and etc.

Dress Code: It’s not defined but if you have clothes for “vaišnavas“ you can bring it with you. There will be people who will help you to put on these clothes correctly.

When: The festival starts at 12 pm and lasts for 13 hours.

Where: Sodų g. 14, Vilnius (Hotel „Panorama“).

For more information, you can write an email: or check the website:

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New Year’s Eve parties in Vilnius

Hilarious clubs and pubs are a paradise for parties’ lovers on the NYE. Dozens of bars and night clubs are lined up in the Old Town of Vilnius. Usually, it’s really great because you can easily replace the party place to another. However, New Year’s Eve in Vilnius is a special occasion. Therefore, on NYE you should make a reservation to the restaurants and cafeterias for sure. Also, it’s rather likely that entrance to the majority of the nightclubs will be charged at higher price than usual. Nevertheless, below you’ll see a shortlist of nightclubs and bars that are situated around the area of Cathedral Square.

ATTENTION! Most of the great pubs and clubs are situated in the Vilnius Old Town. However, on New Year’s Eve, the transport of vehicles will be limited in the city center, thus we recommend you to choose an alternative way to arrive at the party (such as taxi or public transport).

NYE party in the nightclub.

Pubs and Nightclubs in a distance of 500 meters and closer to the Vilnius Cathedral Square:

Night bar “MOJITOS – CASA DE CUBA” – New Year “In Latino”

When: door opens at 8 pm

Where: Totorių g. 11, Vilnius.

Wild party with rhythm of Latino and “Carlos Rosas Live Show” guarantees an impressive New Year’s Eve in Vilnius.

Recommendation: book a table in advance.

Night bar “PAPARAZZI” – “Pasitikite Naujuosius su bar “PAPARAZZI”

When: door opens at 10 pm

Where: Totorių g. 1, Vilnius.

This time on night bar stage you will see Dj Sonare. His music will fulfill the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve and helps you to be ready for the start of the New Year marathon.

Night bar “PAPARAZZI”. Distance – 450 meters.

Address: Totorių g. 1, Vilnius.

Party called ‘Happy New Year’with Dj ‘Prabanga’.


Bar “CARRE” – “Naujieji 2018”

When: door opens at 8 pm

Where: Gedimino pr. 9, Vilnius.

Positive sounds of Dj Echo, fancy cocktails and a stuning place for enjoying the fireworks show are waiting for the „CARRE“guests on NYE.

Reservation in advance is necessary.

Reservation price for NYE starts at €35.

Pubs and Nightclubs in a distance of 850 meters and closer to the Vilnius Cathedral Square:

LA BIRRA Pub – New Year’s Party at La Birra Pub

When: door opens at 5 pm

Where: Vilniaus g. 29, Vilnius

Great DJ and FREE ENTRANCE on the New Year’s Eve!

Bar “COZY” – New Year’s Dinner!

When: 7 pm

Where: Dominikonų g. 10, Vilnius.

It’s a great place for tasting delicious food and spending the last evening of a year.

New Year Dinner costs €55 per person.

Bar KAS KAS – Pažadėtuvės|by YNOT

When: door opens at 9 pm

Where: Islandijos g. 4, Vilnius

On New Year’s Eve in Vilnius furious party and two dance floors are promised in KAS KAS Bar.

Reservation in advance is necessary.

Pubs and Nightclubs in a distance of 1km and closer to the Vilnius Cathedral Square:

Bar “JUODA RAUDONA” – Naujų metų sutikimas su grupe Patruliai

When: door opens at 8 pm

Where: Vienuolio g. 4, Vilnius

New Year’s Eve celebration will be full of surprises. Each of the bar guest who will make a table reservation will be surprised with the delicious food and sweeties.

Reservation in advance is recommended.

Bar 3 STALIUKAI IR TELIKAS – Nauji metai Staliukuose!

When: door opens at 6 pm

Where: Pamėnkalnio g. 14, Vilnius

Disco/Rock music of 70s-80s will definitely help you to forget all failures of this year and will inspire you for the next years.

Book a table and get a delicious surprise on NYE.

DIRTY DUCK Pub – New Year’s Eve in the Heart of Vilnius

When: door opens at 7 pm

Where: Didžioji g. 28, Vilnius

MIchael Frishman and IDOS will surprise you with stunning covers of the well-known songs.

Ticket is needed.

Price per person is 55 euros (food is included).