A Great Play Area for Kids in Palanga

Each summer colorful playground is waiting for lovely families.

Palanga is a small town surrounded with family friendly environment. It offers a lot of fun things to do during your vacation. Amazing trails for a gentle walk in Birute’s Park and excellent bike routes through the pinewood will create a lot of opportunities to have fun with kids.

Even if your children are too young for cycling, you can visit a great playground next to the Palanga beach. It’s absolutely free and it’s adjusted just for kids.

Many attractions adjusted for kids in Palanga Resort.

An amazing playground consists of super colorful equipment. More than five different attractions and lovely environment create a relaxing atmosphere for both you and your children.

Attractions in kids playground.

An amazing little train will give a chance for kids to become train drivers and after that they can evacuate from the train through the little slide.

Colorful train at the huge play area in Palanga.

Fairytale castle and a huge ship will capture the interest of your child at the first steps. Dozens of ladders and various slides won’t let your child to be bored. An amazing playground looks like an awesome world that is full of exciting adventures for kids. Unfortunately, the play area is closed during the winter time.

A Great Play Area for Kids in Palanga Town.

Useful tips for visitors

All children love dogs but not each dog love children. Also, there it’s an absolutely real opportunity that some of the people have an allergy for pets. So, in order to avoid additional problems you shouldn’t bring your pet to the playground territory. Though, few benches are arranged outside the playground territory just in a few steps from the fence. Thus, you can easily look after your children from that spot.

The territory of playground is surrounded with metal fence and it’s supervised within surveillance cameras. However, parents are still responsible for their children’s safety. At the entrance you’ll see a sign which claimed that owner of the playground aren’t responsible for the children safety.

Signs claiming the rules in kids play area.

Also, you should pay attention to the sign which claimed that smoking is forbidden in the whole play area. So, if you wish to smoke a cigarette while spending time in the children’s play zone, you should keep in mind that other parents might be really dissatisfied about your behavior. Thus, it would be much better if you don’t smoke aside the children.

Easy ways to reach the Playground

Kids playground is located just a few steps away from the pine forest.

The play area for kids is situated next to the main bike route and quite close to the beach. We recommend you to access it through the bike route or the jogging trail called “Labrytis”. Both of them will bring you almost straight to the entrance of that play area for kids. For exact location please take a look at the map below.