FAQ about travel to Lithuania

FAQ about travel to Lithuania

Lithuania is well known country among Europe people. However, many travelers from another continents face millions questions before going to travel to Lithuania. The most common are related to the national currency, language and etc. Some of them is already answered in the previous article called General facts about Lithuania. Still, numerous of them remains without clear explanations. Thus, if you have any questions, please let my know by commenting below the article. I’ll try to do my best to reply to all of them.

1 Where is Lithuania?

Lithuania is located in the northern part of Europe. The nearest neighboring countries are Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Russia. Also, Estonia is relatively close to Lithuania because distance between both capitals is only about 600 kilometers.

2 How to reach Lithuania?

There are several ways to reach Lithuania. One of them and probably the most frequent is traveling by plane. Lithuania has three airports (such as Palanga PLQ, Kaunas KUN and Vilnius VNO) from which the most popular is situated in Vilnius. According to official statistic, about 3,8 million passengers chose this airport for traveling in 2016.

ATTENTION! Vilnius airport will be closed for 35 days in the summer of 2017. Between the period of July 14 and August 18 most of the flights will be redirected to Kaunas airport. However, you shouldn’t be worry about that because Vilnius is only about 100 kilometers away from Kaunas airport. Also, if you aren’t short on time, you could spend a day in Kaunas and visit the most remarkable places in the city.

Other way is traveling by bus. Lithuania has a great bus network that connects probably all European capital cities to Vilnius. Thus, you can easily access Lithuania from almost each country in Europe. There are several websites that will help you to manage the best bus route to Lithuania.

  • Autobusubilietai.lt. This website is a great choice for those who are looking for the bus tickets online. There customers are welcome to purchase tickets and make changes (such as ticket cancellation or changes of bus trip time), if it’s needed. Though, in order to make any modifications you have to login to your account. The advantage of this website is that you can use it not only for searching international routes but also for the best bus routes while traveling in Lithuania.
  • LUX Express. It’s a great company that provides service of passengers transportation. There you can find fantastic deals, especially if you going to travel to Lithuania from neighboring countries. What is more, in this website you also will find additional services such as booking a taxi or purchasing a ferry ticket. For more information, check the official website.

The third and probably least developed option is arrival to Lithuania by train. Rail destinations are quite limited and you can reach Lithuania by train just in case you’re traveling from Minsk, Moscow or Bialystok. If you’re interested in the train timetable, you could look at it here.

3 What is the weather in Lithuania?

It’s really difficult to answer this question correctly. Lithuania has four seasons but the weather is constantly changing. Even the temperature often varies by few degrees in the different regions of the country. However, every season has its own specific features. For example, spring is especially gorgeous season in Lithuania. Just few rainy afternoons and dozen of sunny days in May. During the last month of the spring the air temperature warms up to 22°C or even more. So, it’s perfect time for exploring undiscovered places.

Sunny day on the beach in Lithuania.

If you’re sunbathing lover, you should travel to Lithuania in summer time. It’s the warmest period of the year and perfectly suitable for pleasant afternoons on the beach. The weather often warms up to the 25°C or more. July is known as the hottest month in the summer even when the average air temperature reaches 17°C. However, August often reminds about upcoming autumn and greets us with warm rain.

Gorgeous sunset in Sventoji Town.

Autumn is slightly cooler period in Lithuania. Average air temperature mostly reaches about 10°C and rainy days are quite frequent. However, Lithuanian landscape gains an impressive charm because of magical morning mists and variety of colors in the nature. Also, September is probably the most amazing month that usually surprises with lovely period of Indian summer. It’s probably the best time to go on a trip during the autumn season in Lithuania. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold and it’s ideal for exploring impressive site in the nature or visiting tourists beloved places in the cities. At these days, air temperature warms up to the 20°C and rainy days is quite uncommon then. However, to catch the Indian summer is rather challenging, because weather forecasts are changing all the time.

Wonderful autumn morning in Kaunas.

Lithuanians haven’t faced extremely cold winters for many years. Nowadays, it’s usual that average air temperature is around -2,8°C and snow is falling just at the very beginning or in the second half of the winter season. Although, Lithuania has specific regions such as the north-eastern part of the country where winter shows its whims more frequent than usual. In one of these times meteorologists had a unique opportunity to register the record of the coldest temperature in Lithuania. Then air temperature dropped below -42°C and almost reached -43°C. At these days, locals face much smaller challenges. Usually, some weeks when air temperature drops below -25°C or -30°C is the most freezing period in the winter time. Thus, if you’re planning to travel to Lithuania during the winter season, you shouldn’t forget to take a warm jacket and mittens with you.

Wonderful winter time in Lithuania.

What is more, you always can check the weather forecast on official website of Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service. There you’ll find current weather forecast for seven days but you should keep in mind that the weather can completely change on the day then you are planing to travel to Lithuania. So, don’t pay too much attention to the weather and better stay enthusiastic by planning your fascinating trip.

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