Explore Vilnius: Cool Guide about Places that are worth a visit

One of the main streets in Vilnius Old Town.

What to see in Vilnius is a common question for almost every visitor. It’s the capital city of Lithuania having an amazing combination of stunning architecture and impressive cultural heritage. Below are our top picks of amazing places you should consider to visit during your stay in Vilnius.

1 Gediminas Tower

Gediminas Tower is one of the best overview spots in Vilnius. From the tower’s roof, you will be impressed by a fantastic 360 degrees panoramic view to the Vilnius Old Town and its surroundings. Thus, it’s a wonderful place for spending a romantic evening with your beloved ones.

Gediminas Tower is one of that amazing place you should visit during your stay in Vilnius.

2 Vilnius Cathedral (Basilica)

Vilnius Cathedral is located in the heart of the city center. All over the year, many tourists visit the magnificent Cathedral due to its value for the Christian community and the stunning architecture of the classicism period. Meanwhile, the youth discovered the Cathedral Square as an essential place for skating and having fun with their friends. So, cheerful emotions and friendly people create a really pleasant atmosphere around Vilnius Cathedral. You won’t be disappointed by adding that gorgeous Basilica to the list of what to see in Vilnius.

Vilnius Cathedral is an impressive spot in the capital of Lithuania.

3 Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

It’s not a surprise that many tourists pay attention to a huge white building at the end of Cathedral Square. It’s rather a new tourist destination because the museum of Palace of the Grand Duke of Lithuania was opened for visitors just in 2013. Nowadays, the museum presents more than 14 000 authentic archaeological treasures from various historical periods. Also, it offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the panorama of Vilnius city from a pleasant area in the Tower of Palace. So, it’s a great place to visit in Vilnius city center.

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

4 Hill of Three Crosses

The monument of Three Crosses is perfectly visible from the Vilnius Cathedral Square. Thus, it’s quite typical that Hill of Three Crosses is marked in the traveler’s map as one of the goals in what to see in Vilnius trip plan. However, this hill isn’t only a wonderful viewpoint but it also has an interesting history. According to archaeological research, the monument of Three Crosses is dedicated to the Franciscan monks who were murdered by pagans in the XIV century. However, only a few visitors know this history about the monument of Three Crosses. Mostly travelers visit this place because of the really fascinating Vilnius panorama and alluring environment.

5 Miracle Tile

While traveling in Vilnius many unpredictable things might surprise you. One of them is a ‘Miracle Tile’. From the first point of view, it is not different from other tiles in Cathedral Square paving. However, from a closer look, you’ll discover its uniqueness. During the years the note ‘Stebuklas’ has gained a symbolic meaning of hope. Therefore, everyone who is looking for places to visit in Vilnius should find ‘the magical’ tile and make a wish. It’s believed that wishes come true!

6 St. Anne’s Church

The plan of what to see in Vilnius for architecture lovers should start with St. Anne’s Church. It’s an amazing masterwork of architecture. The church was built more than 500 years ago during the Gothic epoch. In Lithuania, it’s known as one of the best examples of Gothic architecture. Each year dozen of travelers from abroad and the distance parts of the country are visiting St. Anne’s Church. Well worth a visit.

St. Anne's Church is known as unique example of Gothic architecture in Lithuania.

7 Gates of Dawn

In the XVI century, Vilnius was surrounded by a huge defensive wall. Gates of Dawn was known as one of the five gates leading out of the city. However, at these days it’s the only remaining gates of that historical wall. Nevertheless, many travelers visit this wonderful place not only because of its historical value but also for religious significant. For many years people believed that the remembrance of the Virgin Mary which is stored in the Gates of Dawn has magical power. So, if you’re walking around the Vilnius city, this holy site should be picked as one of the most unique places to visit in Vilnius.

8 Vilnius Town Hall

Vilnius Town Hall is probably one of those buildings you cannot miss during the lovely stroll through Vilnius Old Town. It’s situated in a beautiful square with small trees and wooden benches around. Many travelers just stop there for a while. However, the Town Hall building is worth to visit especially for those who are art lovers as a gallery and many exhibitions are waiting for you inside. Some of them might be absolutely free, thus don’t think twice and go for it.

Wonderful Town Hall of Vilnius will surprise you with wonderful exhibitions.

9 Sts. Peter & Paul’s Church

Fascinating architecture and impressive interior will captivate you from the very first steps. Sts. Peter & Paul’s Church is an outstanding example of Baroque architecture in Vilnius. Two towers and a massive dome reflect the main features of the Baroque period. Meanwhile, the interior will charm you with numerous paintings, amazing statues, and sculptures. Also, crystal ship chandelier is a stunning interior detail that pleasantly surprises the majority of the visitors. Thus, this church is one of the places you should visit in Vilnius.

10 Vilnius Old Town

Lovely streets and gorgeous architecture are integral parts of Vilnius Old Town. Most of the visitors are impressed with Baroque churches, cute statues on the streets and reasonable prices. However, not all travelers know that Vilnius Old Town was recognized as one of the largest and the most beautiful Baroque Old Towns in Europe. In 1994 Vilnius Old Town was included on the World Heritage List. So, if you still have doubts about what to see in Vilnius, you should buy a last-minute ticket and come to explore it.

Vilnius Old Town should be on the top in 'What to see in Vilnius' list.

11 Uzupis

Uzupis is an ‘Independent Republic’ next to the Vilnius Old Town. Formerly, it was known as one of the poorest districts of the city. Shabby buildings and dark abandoned streets turned this area into one of the cheapest places to live. Nowadays, Uzupis is known as an exceptional place in Vilnius. Bohemian life is alive there. Paintings on the walls and magnificent sculptures really reflect the spirit of art. All travelers who wish to see the different Lithuanian capital should take time for a lovely stroll through unique streets in Uzupis.

Uzupis is the most bohemian district in Vilnius.

12 Bernardine Garden

Bernardine Garden is an amazing oasis of peacefulness and relaxation. It’s a beloved place among various aged people. Some years ago it was called Sereikiskes Park, but after reconstruction, the park was recalled to its historical name – Bernardine Garden. These days, the Garden composed of fabulous botanic exposition, authentic pond, wonderful fountains, a great attraction for kids and other areas that are perfectly adjusted for excellent relaxation in the city.  The entrance is free of charge, so if you are still considering what to see in Vilnius, you can take a note that Bernardine Garden is a great place for rest and picnic during your trip to Vilnius.

13 Vilnius TV Tower

Vilnius TV Tower is another spot in our ‘What to see in Vilnius’ list. It’s the highest building in Lithuania situated a bit further from the city center. Scenic views and rotating restaurant create an exciting atmosphere to rest and enjoy in the 326.4 meters of high. Approximately in 45 minutes, you’ll see a stunning 360 degrees panorama of Vilnius. The city’s views are even better in the sunny days or shiny evenings. So, if you’re hanging around Vilnius, you should take an hour or so and visit Vilnius TV Tower.

14 Museum of Genocide Victim (KGB)

Travellers usually name the Museum of Genocide Victim as a place you must see in Vilnius. It’s definitely one of the most powerful museums in Lithuania. The expositions are installed in the same building where Soviet repressive institutions were established for more than 50 years. The museum consists of three levels. In the ground and upper floors, visitors are introduced to the historical details of Lithuanian life and the threats of the Soviet occupation. Some expositions present the partisan war which was directed against the occupation in the 1944 – 1953. However, the former prison undoubtedly is the most memorable place in the museum. Usually, authentic cells leave a really powerful impression, but torture and punishment chambers might be too shocking for young children.

15 Vingis Park

Vilnius is one of those cities that can be proud of having a wonderful park. Vingis Park is an amazing area for families and various aged people. It’s a great place for jogging, skating, and outdoor relaxation. In addition, the Park has a unique stage that is used for various performances such as the Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration and live concerts. Also, some of the well-known World-class musicians have chosen this stage for their magnificent concerts. Even though Vingis Park isn’t one of the most spectacular places in Vilnius but it’s definitely worth a visit for having a picnic or taking a deep breath of fresh air.