Devil’s Hole

Aukstadvaris Regional Park is a marvelous place for nature lovers. Dense forests, lush greenery, wonderful underground cavities and amazing viewpoints will reveal the beauty of Lithuanian nature for you. One of most popular tourists’ destinations in Aukstadvaris Regional Park is underground cavity named Devil’s Hole.

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Why Devil’s Hole is worth a visit?

Incredible Devil's Hole in Lithuania.

In Lithuania Devil’s Hole is known as a national value of nature. The hole is situated in the middle of dense forest; approximately 3 kilometers away from paved road. An impressive cavity is about 40 meters depth. Disastrous marsh is widely expanded in the bottom of the Hole. You can look at it from the wooden walking trail which leads you straight to the cavity’s deepness.  Some people say that energy field is incredibly strong in the hole. However, it isn’t scientifically proven. Though, aside the cavity’s slope you can find a wooden observation deck which is adopted for an amazing view to Devil’s Hole from above.

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Doubtful Origin

Devil's Hole in the middle of the forest.

Devil’s Hole is quite unusual phenomenon in Lithuania. Nobody could explain the real origin of this mysterious place. Researchers have some impressive hypotheses.

The first one says that Devil’s Hole is like a heritage of meteorite which might fell in the Aukstadvaris Regional Park many years ago.

Another theory talks about the huge piece of ice which was buried under the thin layer of soil during retreat of glacier. So, climate changes had made a significant impact for the origin of Devil’s Hole. That vast piece of ice simply melted and formed a large cavity.
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