Charming Church in the Heart of Palanga Town

Charming Church in the Heart of Palanga Town

Historical Background of Charming Palanga Church

Christianity as a religion had many challenges in Great Duchy of Lithuania. Zemaitija region wasn’t an exception. People had strong belief in many pagan deities, traditions and rituals. So the western part of Great Duchy of Lithuania inhabitants accepted Christian religion just in the early XV century.

Nowadays Lithuania is called as Christian country. The gorgeous churches are built all around the state. Some of them like Pazaislis Monastery, St. Anne’s Church, Vytautas’ the Great Church and others are well known as architectural values in Lithuania.

During your vacations in Palanga you can see the wonderful neo-Gothic church called Blessed Virgin Mary’s Assumption to Heaven (Šv. Mergelės Marijos ėjimo į dangų). The church is situated aside the heart of Palanga town in Vytautas Street. The building is impressive and exclusive. It was built more than a century ago in 1907s. Nobleman Tiskevicius did his best for that church’s construction and found an amazing architect K. L. Strandmann from Sweden. Building process started in the end of XIX century. Location for that spectacular church was chosen nearby the wooden church.

Church in Palanga Town

Architectural Features

At the present days, the Church looks gorgeous. Red bricks and traditional attributes of neo-Gothic style give an impression of bygone. The church’s tower looks like a high pillar between the sky and earth. It’s pretty higher than charming trees in the main street. Also the church’s tower is unconventional because of magnificent German clock which was installed in 1931.

Interior design of Palanga Church was completed in the first decade of XX century. The most significant accents of interior uniqueness became marble altars from Southern France. It gives a feeling of unity between stained glass windows and neo-Gothic ornaments. Church’s ceilings are consisted from ribbed vaults. Its decor composed from white stucco and red bricks. That combination leaves an impression of staggering high and undeniable sanctity.

Palanga Church

Palanga church is century – old building surrounded with sturdy fence. At the present you can see that some reconstructions were already made. Original red bricks were changed by similar new ones. However, the main outlines of that fence stayed pretty the same.