Birute’s Hill

Birute's Hill in Palanga

Why Birute’s Hill is worth a visit?

Birute’s Hill might be called as one of the highest dunes aside beloved Palanga beach. It’s easily accessible because many trails of wonderful Birute Park lead you there. ‘The Alley of Love’ is the most popular way which can lead you straight to the Hill. You can find it on the left side of J. Basanavicius Street, alongside the dunes.

Birute Park surrounds the Birute’s Hill with its homely atmosphere. Pines are like a lee from wild wind. The Park area is landscaped and it creates an incredible place for resting. In foothills you can see the gorgeous Lourdes with the sculpture of Virgin Mary inside. It was made from natural stones by nobleman Feliksas Tiskevicius.

Lourdes in Palanga Park

Legendary Story

Name of this Hill is closely related with Lithuanian history. It is said that Birute was one of the most submissive priestess. She was decided to devote her life for cherishing the pagan traditions and ceremonies. However, Duke Kestutis fell in love with Birute. He married that charming priestess and built an amazing manor for her. The wedding was celebrated in the middle of XIV century. They had a sun Vytautas who became the well known as the leader of Great Duchy of Lithuania in XV century.

Sculpture near Birute's Hill in Palanga Park

XIV – XV centuries are marked as changing and fighting period in history of Great Duchy of Lithuania. According the legend, Kestutis was murdered. Birute felt sore of yearning for motherland. Legend noticed that charming duchess came back to Palanga and became symbol of holy. Birute was hearty and devoted to people. She never changed her belief and stay pagan till the end of life. According the story, Birute was buried on the top of the Hill.

Birute's Hill in Palanga

Birute’s Hill name came from the story about timeless love between Kestutis and Birute. Legend says that manor for duchess was built on that hill. After many years homely chapel for Birute was constructed in the same place.

At the Present Time

Nowadays you still can find the chapel on Birute’s Hill. Unfortunately, it is locked. Through the window you might see the holy picture inside. The mini stony fence is aside the building and surrounds the top of Birute’s Hill. There are some observation places with miracle view to the Baltic Sea. That’s magical places for nature lovers.

Chapel on Birute's Hill