5 Historic Castles in Lithuania

Magnificent Trakai Castle is situated near Lithuanian capital.

Usually castles are closely related to the legendary stories about chivalry, brutal murders and ghosts. Though, we shouldn’t forget that impressive strongholds are like open windows to the medieval times. Therefore, I recommend you to learn more about the country history by exploring these five fantastic castles in Lithuania.

1 Trakai Castle is a definite masterpiece

This fascinating stronghold is situated in the middle of a huge lake not really far from the city of Vilnius. This castle is definitely one of the most impressive castles in Lithuania. Therefore, it’s extremely beloved by tourists. In addition, Trakai Castle has a rich history which started in the XIV – XV centuries when the stronghold was built. Many years it was used as significant defensive fortress and residential castle. Nevertheless, the stronghold was almost destroyed during the cruel battles in the XVII century. However, nowadays Trakai Castle is rebuilt and usually called as the masterpiece of defensive architecture in Lithuania.

One of the most amazing castles in Lithuania.

2 Historic Castle in Kaunas

This beautiful building known as Kaunas Castle actually is just a small part of the magnificent medieval stronghold. It was built in XIV century as a huge defensive castle but during the fights with the Crusaders, the castle was destroyed. However, it was rebuilt relatively quickly and remained used as a defensive fortress until the Battle of Grunwald in 1410. After that Kaunas castle began to be used for residential purposes. At these days, former stronghold houses a great museum which is definitely one of the best places to visit in Kaunas.

Kaunas Castle is a wonderful medieval stronghold located in the city center of Kaunas.

3 Raudone Castle

Raudone Castle is one of the most supervised castles in Lithuania. It’s located on the huge slope next to the Nemunas river. From almost all sides the manor is surrounded by a wonderful park with many hidden gems and historic sites. Also, Raudone Castle’s visitors are welcome to admire panoramic view from the tower of more than 33 meters high. An impressive valley of the river and local landscape will pleasantly surprise you. Unfortunately, plenty of authentic interior details were totally destroyed by fire and during adapting the premises for school. However, nowadays renaissance style castle still looks brilliant and it’s quite popular travel destination in the country.

Raudone Castle is an impressive manor located near the Nemunas river.

4 The ruins of Upper Castle

At these days, probably very few people can imagine how Lithuanian capital looked like in XIV century. Three impressive castles were connected to the one huge defense fortress. Upper Castle was a significant part of that complex and it was rebuilt after terrible fire in XV century. However, nowadays travelers can visit only the remaining part of the castle’s defensive wall and reconstructed western tower better known as Gediminas Tower. That spectacular place is among the most visited sites in Vilnius.

Gediminas Tower is a pasrt of Upper Castle ruins in Vilnius.

5 Panemune Castle is the most authentic castle in Lithuania

This XVII century castle was built by Hungarian nobleman J. Eperjesas. Throughout the years it was renovated only a few times. Therefore, Panemune Castle has preserved the main features of Renaissance architecture. Nowadays, the castle belongs to Vilnius Academy of Art and it’s adjusted for tourism. Travelers are welcome to visit attractive museum expositions and climb up to the top of tower for amazing panorama. Also, in the castle you’ll find a fancy restaurant and gorgeous hotel that will please you with luxurious interior and large choice of Lithuanian and Hungarian dishes.

The most authentic castle in Lithuania is situated near Nemunas river.