11 Usual Lithuanian Dishes

Vegetables and other tasty food

Traditional dishes are common conception of usual dishes in each country. Though, this article is a bit different. It’s talking about Lithuanian dishes that are well known for each native woman even if it might not be called as traditional ones.

Nowadays it’s rather difficult to find out the real origin of each dish. Due to migration of people and historical circumstances many tasty and simple dishes widely spread in the region. However, in each country the same dish might have different shape and original taste.  So, if you’re planning to taste the same dish in other neighbor countries, you should be ready for surprises 🙂

Specificity of Lithuanian Dishes

In former times usual Lithuanian dishes were really fatty because of harsh climate during winter periods. Nowadays winter time isn’t such cold as it used to be. So, majority of native inhabitants have changed their dietary habits and have started to eat lower fat food. However, some sauces are very delicious and still really fatty. Thus, if you have problems with digestion, you should keep your eye on the type of sauce. Usually, in the menu you’ll have an opportunity to choose which one is more delicious for you. So, don’t be scared. Go and taste! After all, what a journey can be without impressive adventures and experiences?

White Sauce

For those who love to prepare food at home, a short list of the most popular dishes in Lithuanians kitchens is below. Almost all of these recipes you can easily prepare at home. So, take a look and pick the most alluring for dinner!

1.     “Cepelinai”

Cepelinai is a festal dish on Lithuanian tables. It might seem as a small rugby ball in your plate. Usually cepelinai is served with various sauces that might be fatty.

2.     “Balandeliai”

Balandeliai is a great mix of meat, rice and leaves of cabbage. Locals are used to eat baked or boiled potatoes as a side dish to balandeliai.

3.     “Saltibarsciai”

Saltibarsciai is a delicious pink soup. You’re welcome to taste it at any time of the year. Nevertheless, saltibarsciai become extremely popular soup among locals during hot summer days.

4.     “Apple Pie”

Apple trees are widely spread in Lithuania. So, apple pie, apple jam, natural apple juice, apple cheese, pancakes with apples and other great dishes are usual on Lithuanian tables.

Super tasty apple pie

5.     “Pumpkin Soup”

Pumpkin is well known vegetable for almost all inhabitants of the world. In some countries it is even a symbol of annual festival. However, pumpkin soup is not a traditional Lithuanian dish but various editions of the recipe are still alive among native people.

Pumpkin Soup with sour cream

6.     “White Salad”

Have you ever taste a white salad in Lithuania? No? So, you should because it’s rather unique mix of potatoes, carrots, eggs and other vegetables.

7.     “Zemaiciu Pancakes”

Zemaiciu pancake is a delicious dish from particular Lithuanian region called Zemaitija. These pancakes are rather different from simple ones. In this recipe the main ingredients are potatoes. Meat or curds are used as a filling.

8.     “Homemade Jams”

The real housewife always looks ahead. Thus, preservation and homemade jams are very serious issues in almost each Lithuanian home during the autumn period. Among the most popular are apple and cherry jams. Thus, you definitely have to taste it while visiting friends in Lithuania.

Very delicious homemade jam

9.     “Mushroom Soup”

In Lithuania boletus are called as the kings of the whole mushroom realm. Also, it has the best taste in comparing with other mushrooms that are growing in Lithuanian forests. So, the real Mushroom Soup can’t be prepared without boletus. Surely, if you’re going to taste this soup in restaurant, you should ask which species of mushrooms are included in the recipe.

Mushroom Soup with boletus is a really tasty one

10.“Sweet Soup”

Berries, rhubarb, apples, pasta and handmade ‘zacirka’ are the main ingredients in the recipe. As various berries are growing in Lithuanian forests, Sweet Soup is well known among locals. Though, I believe that sweet soup might be an exotic dish for foreign traveler.

11. “Potato Pie”

Potato Pie is better known as “Kugelis” in Lithuania. It’s made from potato and it’s the easiest pie ever. What is more, sugar isn’t included in the recipe. So, ‘Kugelis’ can be served as the main dish on the dinner or supper table.

Have you ever taste cepelinai? Do you love it? Would you like to get a recipe of cepelinai?