11 Best Restaurants in Vilnius

Great Restaurants in Vilnius.

Vilnius is a huge city brimming with various amazing restaurants and cafes that meet even the most demanding customers’ taste. Though, not all of them are well known for tourists. Therefore, this guide of excellent restaurants in Vilnius will help you to choose a wonderful place for dinner or lovely evening during your stay.

1 Restaurant ‘Bistro 18’

It’s an excellent restaurant situated in the heart of the city center. Fascinating ambiance perfectly suitable for business dinner and pleasant afternoon with family or friends. Delicious food and great list of wines attracts dozen of customers. Therefore, I’d recommend you to make a reservation in advance (especially for weekend dinner). In addition, restaurant offers some options of gluten free dishes. Thus, ‘Bistro 18’ is really worth a visit if you’re looking for a charming restaurant in Vilnius.

Location: Stikliu g. 18 | Stikliu g. 18, Vilnius 01131, Lithuania

See more info: http://www.bistro18.lt/

2 Restaurant ‘Lokys’

This restaurant is a hidden gem in the Vilnius Old Town. Located in the ancient building it’s a pleasantly surprising place for fancy dinner. Ancient interior details and red brick walls create an impressive atmosphere of medieval castle. There you’re welcome to taste delicious Lithuanian food and fantastic beer. Also, in the restaurant you’ll find a large choice of wine. Though, it might seem rather expensive at first but it’s worth it. Staff is polite and helpful, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask any question. Restaurant ‘Lokys’ is a gorgeous place for family or business dinner.

Dinner in Restaurant 'Lokys'

Location: Stikliu str. 8/10, Vilnius LT-2001 , Lithuania

See more info: http://www.lokys.lt/lt/naujienos

3 Restaurant ‘Gaspar’s’

‘Gaspar’s’ is one of the best Indian restaurants in Vilnius. Although, the restaurant is situated a bit further from the popular tourists spots but it’s really worth a visit. Most of the dishes are flavored with Indian spices and served with elegance. Even there aren’t large choice of dishes but food is fresh and delicious. Nevertheless, you should book a table in advance, because the restaurant is quite small. However, minimalist interior and huge windows create lovely ambiance there. Thus, if you’re looking for Indian flavor among the restaurants in Vilnius, ‘Gaspar’s’ is a great choice for you.

Wonderful place to have dinner in Vilnius.

Location: Pylimo g. 23 – 3, Vilnius.

See more info: https://www.facebook.com/gasparsrestoranas/

4 Restaurant ‘Uzupio Klasika’

‘Uzupio Klasika’ is a lovely restaurant in the most bohemian district of Vilnius. It’s not the most popular place to eat among travelers but it’s really worth a visit if you’re nearby. Food is delicious and served with love. The restaurant is very small with just a few tables inside. However, during the warm season some tables are available outside. Though, restaurant is rarely crowded. Wonderful environment with retro style details and quiet music create romantic atmosphere for dinner or peaceful evening.

Location: Uzupio g. 28, Vilnius 01203, Lithuania

5 Restaurant ‘Sweet Root’

Many restaurants in Vilnius offer you to taste delicious local meal. However, ‘Sweet Root’ menu will impress you with unique and stylish interpretations of typical Lithuanian food. Each dish is like a masterpiece flavored with seasonal ingredients. However, this restaurant is highly recommended not only because of food. Service and interior are excellent as well. Waiters are very polite and have a good knowledge about the food. While interior is decorated with tasteful minimalist details that definitely has an impact on relaxing ambiance there. Thus, everyone, especially, those who has a question like ‘Where to eat in Vilnius’, are very welcome to the Restaurant ‘Sweet Root’.

Location: Uzupio g. 22-1, Vilnius 01203, Lithuania

See more info: http://www.sweetroot.lt/

6 Restaurant ‘Bunte Gans’

Restaurant ‘Bunte Gans’ is a great place to eat in Vilnius, especially, for German cuisine lovers. Fancy environment and friendly staff will create a fascinating atmosphere for your dinner. Therefore, this restaurant is beloved place by locals and the city guests. In addition, you might be surprised of portion size because in the most case it would be enough food for two persons. However, the meal is really delicious and presented in the beautiful way. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit this restaurant during your stay in Vilnius.

Restaurant Bunte Gans in Vilnius

Location: Ausros Vartu 11, Vilnius, Lithuania

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See more info: http://www.buntegans.lt/

7 Restaurant ‘Jurgis ir Drakonas’

Restaurant chain called ‘Jurgis ir Drakonas’ is composed of five great restaurants. Four of which are situated in Lithuanian capital and one is located in Kaunas Old Town. These restaurants are extremely popular among pizza lovers in Vilnius. Some locals even say that it’s the best place to eat Italian pizzas in the city. However, many customers come there not only for the delicious pizzas but also to taste other fragrant food such as lasagne or pasta. Staff is very friendly and always smiling, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions. This restaurant is one of the best place for meeting friends or having a pleasant family dinner.

Delicious pizzas you can taste in Restaurant 'Jurgis ir Drakonas'

Location: Pylimo g. 22D, Vilnius 01118, Lithuania

See more info: http://jurgisirdrakonas.lt/en/restaurants/

8 Restaurant ‘Boom Burgers Lithuania’

This restaurant is well loved by youth and tourists for having lunch in Vilnius. Large choice of burgers and tasty drinks attract many customers every day. Food is really delicious and cooked individually for your order. What is more, interior is equipped with the tasteful flavor of modernism thus creating a lovely ambiance for visitors. Also, several funny illustrations in the menu usually bring a huge smile in the customers faces. It might be called as exclusive feature among other great restaurants in Vilnius. So, ‘Boom Burgers Lithuania’ is really worth a visit if you’re hanging around in the city center.

Awesome burgers in Restaurant 'Boom Burgers Lithuania'

Location: Gedimino pr. 1, Vilnius 01103, Lithuania

See more info: https://www.facebook.com/boomburgerslithuania/

9 Restaurant ‘Šturmų Švyturys’

Vilnius is rather far from the Baltic Sea but it doesn’t mean that you’ll not find a fascinating seafood restaurant there. ‘Šturmų Švyturys’ is an exceptional place for fish lovers. Even though menu is quite short but all dishes are absolutely excellent. Staff is polite and has a good knowledge about the seafood, so don’t be surprised by the interesting stories about the meal. What may seem unusual for many visitors is silence. There is no background music that fulfill the environment. However, it’s not an obstacle for having a wonderful dinner or romantic lunch. Thus,‘Šturmų Švyturys’ is one of the greatest seafood restaurants in Vilnius.

Seafood Restaurant in Vilnius called 'Sturmu Svyturys'

Location: Uzupio g. 30, Vilnius 01203, Lithuania

See more info: https://www.facebook.com/Sturmu.svyturys

10 Restaurant ‘Vegafe’

Restaurant ‘Vegafe’ is an amazing choice for vegans and vegetarians in the city center of Vilnius. Although, not all dishes are purely vegetarian but still this restaurant offers one of the largest choice of vegetarian food in Lithuanian capital. What is more, alcoholic beverages are not included to the menu. However, you’re welcome to order juice, tea or other tasty drink. Due to interior details and pleasant staff behavior the ambiance is very homey and intimate there. Many restaurants in Vilnius can surprise visitors with the excellent dishes but only in the restaurant ‘Vegafe’ you will have to take away your shoes first. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Delicious salad in restaurant 'Vegafe'.

Location: Augustijonu 2/13, Vilnius, Lithuania

See more info: http://www.vegafe.eu/restaurant/vegafe-vilnius

11 Restaurant Žemaičių Ąsotis’

Undoubtedly, ‘Žemaičių Ąsotis’ captures the attention of majority passersby. Impressively decorated wooden shutters and authentic interior attract both locals and tourists. Truly, it’s a very lovely place for having a dinner. There you can chose from many options of typical Lithuanian food such as zeppelins, zemaiciu pancakes and others. Even though, mostly Lithuanian dishes are not vegetarian, this restaurant offers delicious food for vegetarians as well. So, If you’re one of those who are looking for traditional Lithuanian food restaurants in Vilnius, ‘Žemaičių Ąsortis’ is a great place for you and your family.

Location: Naugarduko g. 32, Vilnius 03225, Lithuania

See more info: https://www.facebook.com/%C5%BDemai%C4%8Di%C5%B3-%C4%84sotis-899293793442250/?fref=ts

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