Valley of Junipers

17th June 2016

Description of a Wonderful Valley of Junipers

Kaunas Lagoon is surrounded with lovely valleys, sunning exposures and bewitched forests. Some of those places became extremely attractive for tourists. Valley of Junipers isn’t an exception. It’s a wonderful place for stroll along the Kaunas Lagoon at sunset.

An amazing slope is overgrown with verdurous junipers, sometime called as Junipers of Arlaviskes. That’s delightful plants and quite unusually in wild Lithuanian forests. But there you can see more than hundred junipers in the same place alongside the tranquil Kaunas Lagoon. Also, in the right side of panorama a minor Dabinta’s island is emerged from the blue Lagoon.

Valley of Junipers is perfect place for nature lovers. It is situated about 25 kilometers away from Kaunas center; surrounded with calm and peacefulness. The Valley as a part of Botanical Reserve of Arlaviskes is adapted for tourism. Attractive overview path runs through the Valley of Junipers and leads you straight to shore of Kaunas Lagoon. The first part of walking path is wooden with modest benches which are simple perfect for cozy evening.

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