TOP 10 Things to do in Palanga

14th July 2016

Explore the Surroundings

Exploring the surroundings is awesome thing to do in Palanga. Many beautiful places such as Birute’s Park, Palanga Bridge, Love Alley, Birute’s Hill and others are waiting for travel explorers. Almost all of them are easily accessible on foot.

Though, Palanga is situated between the state borderline with Latvia and Klaipeda which is one of the biggest cities in Lithuania. Therefore, you can rent a car and visit the Breakwater of the only port in Klaipeda. It’s about 29 kilometers away from the resort town but it’s really impressive place, especially, when the wind is blowing stronger than usual. If you decide to go back through the Karkle village, Dutch Hat might be on your way to Palanga. In Lithuania that’s the highest exposure beside the Baltic Sea.

Also, there are more catching places around the resort town such as ‘Monkey Bridge’, Dino Park, Plazes Lake… Just keep going and one day you’ll be absolutely surprised what you discover.

Breakwater of the only port in Klaipeda

Don’t miss a chance to try the Best SPA Services

Hippocrates once said that ‘The way of health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day’. Benefit of healing SPA procedures are well known in all over the world. SPA rooms are places where deep rest and tranquility replace stressful minds and tense rhythm of life. Enjoyable evenings in steam bath or pleasant treatments are the great things to do in Palanga during your stay. So, plenty options of the best SPA services are situated there. Thus, don’t miss a chance to try the best SPA in Resort Town.

Gradiali SPA services

Take a Dip in the Baltic Sea

Don’t you know how to reach the Sea shore?  Actually, it doesn’t much depend on where you are staying in Palanga. Usually, each pathway through the pine forest toward the Baltic Sea will leads you on the beach. You can feel free to choose where you would like to take a pleasant dip in the restless Baltic Sea. Mostly holidaymakers gather around the Palanga Bridge. So, if you wish to keep away from the wild music and furious youth, you can choose the lovely places a bit further from the bridge. In my experience the best thing to do in Palanga is to get up as early as possible, take a dip in the Sea and enjoy fantastic morning atmosphere.

On the beach in Palanga

Sip a Cocktail on a Terrace

The list of ‘Things to do in Palanga’ is keep moving, so there are some attractive suggestions which are waiting for you in the Resort town.

J. Basanavisius Street is full of various cafes and restaurants with cozy terraces. Surly, you’ll find a place for sunny evening there or a bit further from the main street. ‘Floros Simfonija’ seems like a beautiful place with wonderful terraces in the crowded town center. The environment looks perfect and staff is very kindly. It’s located near the small creek which is flowing alongside the J. Basanavicius Street. Thus, the cafe is easily accessible for holidaymakers from Palanga Bridge or ‘Love Alley’.

Wonderful terrace in Palanga Town

Also, if you are a bit lazy or used to spend your spear time on the beach you are welcome to visit lovely open air terrace next to the Palanga Bridge. Terrace with the colorful bean bags are one of the most popular places on the beach. So, usually it’s full of holidaymakers but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your luck in the ‘free bean bag lottery’.

I’m absolutely sure that both of these terraces are open in summertime but it might be closed during other period (especially the terraces on the beach).

Afternoons at the Amber Museum

Amber Museum is one of the most popular museums in the north-west part of Lithuania. The building looks amazing from the outside and it has an interesting historical past which is related to noblemen family of Tiskeviciai. The museum is surrounded with wonderful Birute’s Park territory, brilliant garden of roses and fountains. Inside the building a stunning collection of amber is waiting for you. I think that afternoon in the Amber Museum should be on the list between other things to do in Palanga.

Amber Museum in Palanga

Build an amazing Sand Castle on the Beach

Do you think you’re too old for games in the sand? Or maybe you simply afraid of looking like a child for other strangers on the beach? I think that both of these ideas are just silly beliefs! So, if you have ever had a dream to build an astonishing sand castle, you can do it right now on Palanga beach. Don’t forget to take fabulous photos and get remarkable memories for the rest of your life.

Cycling Day Trip

Cycling day trip is absolutely great thing to do in Palanga because it’s a wonderful town with superb cycling paths. Even in the town center you can easily reach Palanga Bridge, Birute’s Park, Musical Fountain or the main marketing place. After you have visited all stunning places in Palanga, the route to Sventoji Town or cycling highway between Palanga and Palzes Lake are waiting for you. Both of these bike paths are leading through the pine forest not far from the Sea. So, the wonderful sunset view or pleasant dip in the water might bring you more fun during this day trip.

Cycling in Palanga

Morning Workout beside the Seashore

I can’t imagine fabulous holiday without great workout in the morning, can you? In Palanga many awesome places are waiting for sport lovers. There are plenty possibilities like cycling in the brilliant pine forest, workout alongside the Baltic Sea or in the forest where are many open air lounge areas with outdoor equipment. Also you can choose exciting roller skating or border skating in the Skate Park or pleasant running through the special running path called ‘Labrytis’.

Running path. Labrytis in Palanga

Take a look at Musical Fountain

Musical Fountain is quite new entertainment in Palanga Resort. It’s located in the Jurates Street which is near the town center and just about 500 meters away from the J. Basanavicius Street. There you’ll find a cozy square with wooden benches around the musical fountain. As I recognized free fountain show starts at 9 p.m. and lasts about 45 minutes. Also, you can send a message and get a performance of musical fountain for an extra charge at any time.

Experience the Nightlife

When the sun goes down tranquility lovers gather in quite places a bit further from the town center. Meanwhile the night is just getting started in J. Basanavicius Street. Furious youth and loud music flood the atmosphere there during the summer time. The most popular nightclubs are called ‘Basanova’; ‘Exit’ and ‘Sachmatine’. All of these clubs are located quite near to each other. So, you can easily pick the most suitable for you.



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