Palanga Beach

An amazing view of Palanga Beach.

Lithuania might not come to your mind first while thinking about the most amazing beaches in Europe. However, Palanga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lithuania. Each year fine yellow sand and wonderful dunes attract numerous travelers from various regions. Usually holidaymakers are welcome to rent a lounge chair or bring their own blankets with the umbrellas from the sun. Also, you should care your skin properly because sunny summer days are really hot there. So, don’t forget your cremes!

Palanga Beach is totally overcrowded during the hottest days in the summer. Youth and party lovers most often are hanging around the Bridge which is situated in the middle of the beach. There are also some cozy bars with great open air terraces and comfortable bean bags. Stunning environment and loud music create an impressive atmosphere for the guests, especially during the sunset.

Amazing dunes is one of the unique features of the Palanga Beach. You’ll find it as a magnificent wall among the fascinating pinewood and the cost of the Baltic Sea. The majority of dunes are closely connected with lovely wooden paths. Thus, you can easily change your location. However, you should keep your eyes widely open because nudist beaches begin with no separation signs in the dunes. On the other side, visiting a nudist beach is a priceless opportunity to get a brilliant tan.

Palanga Dunes surrounded with pinewood.

Also, there is good news for families. If you’re traveling with children, you might be glad to know that Palanga Beach has some entertaining activities for kids. One of them is a colorful playground situated just in the few steps away from the dunes.  Though, if your children are a bit older, the whole family is welcome to play volleyball in the open air fields next to the Baltic Sea. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get a daily dose of fun and good emotions. For those who are travelling with toddlers, I would recommend to look a lovely place a bit further from the lively beach center.

Summer sunset in Palanga

What to do if the weather isn’t as good as you expected? Chin up! There are many things to do in Palanga. Even if the day is windy, you still can go to the beach and sunbathe in the scenic dunes. Water of the Baltic Sea is mostly cold except a few months of the warm season. So, don’t even sorrow about that. Every day can be special just because of you and your attitude.