List of Awesome Festivals in the Baltic States 2018

Awesome music festival.

There is a list of 14 awesome festivals that will be held in the Baltic States in 2018. Each festival is impressive and unique because of its distinctive features. However, all of them has gathering atmosphere and attractive entertainments that allure thousands of people.

Well, if you still haven’t any plans for upcoming holiday, I would recommend you to check the list and choose at least one for visiting.

The Best Festivals in Estonia:

1 Weekend Festival Baltic 2018

When: 16 – 18 August 2018
Location: Ranna puiestee 1, Pärnu, Estonia

Great Weekend Festival Baltic 2018 is comming!

Weekend Festival Baltic is one of the most exclusive festivals that will be held in 2018 in the Baltic States. Stunning environment, world-renowned musicians such as David Guetta, Afrojack, Sigma, Oliver Heldens and fascinating ambiance will definitely charm the dance music lovers.

This festival is suitable for younger audiences as minimum recommended age is only 16. Moreover, there will be plenty of rooms only for people 18 years old.

So, don’t miss your chance!

Pre-sale ticket is already on sale.

Pre – sale ticket prices starts at 119 Eur. You can buy it HERE

Later on the ticket prices will go up.

More information about festival program

2 Tallinn Music Week 2018

When: 2 – 8 April 2018
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Music Week 2018 and stunning two-days conference is comming soon in Estonia.

Tallinn Music Week is an exciting opportunity to have fantastic time in Estonia. Huge diversity of musicians and wide range of musical genres attract even the most demanding city guests.

However, this fantastic Music Week isn’t only about the music. People are also welcome to visit wonderful exhibitions, attend to the free public talk on a variety of topics, spend an amazing afternoon by listening free pop-up concerts, gigs and visit many other alluring entertainments.

Undoubtedly, Tallinn Music Week 2018 will be a giant music event with multitude of great musicians, dancers and other artists. Only this year the festival will celebrate its 10 years anniversary, so organizers surprise us by announcing that expected amount of artists is around 250.

Even though, during the Tallinn Music Week people are welcome to enjoy the two-day TMW conference. This conference will be aimed the music, new economy, gender politics and a few more relevant topics.

However, if you’re planing to visit the festival, you should buy a Festival Pass. It cost 70 Eur.  Nevertheless, if you purchase it till February 10th, you will save 10 Eur in your pocket.

If you’re interested in TMW cenference, Festival Pass would be not enough for you. In this case, you should pay at least four times more.

20% discount to all TMW Passes and tickets for Telia clients!

More information about festival program and Festival Passes

The Best Festivals in Lithuania:

1 “Granatos Live 2018”

When:  3 – 5 August 2018
Location: Open Air Museum in Rumsiskes, Lithuania

Superb festival caleed GRANATOS LIVE 2018!

Granatos Live 2018 is definitely going to become one of the most popular and the most unforgettable festival this year. Even a terrible accident that happened last year didn’t reduce the festival popularity among young people.

On 2018 the organizers of Granatos Live 2018 are ready to surprise us by inviting  the greatest talented musicians such as: Rita Ora, Rudimental DJ, Betsy. Full list of the musicians that will be on the stage during that crazy festival will be announced soon.

If you don’t imagine your upcoming summer without Granatos Live 2018, you shouldn’t think twice before buying the ticket. NUMBER OF TICKETS IS LIMITED.

Hence, don’t forget that it’s an amazing opportunity to have fun while listening the music you love.

More information about festival program and tickets

2 DevilStone 2018

When: 12 – 15 July 2018
Location: Dainuvos Slenis, Vilniaus g. 80 B Anyksciai, Lithuania

Devil Stone 2018 will be held in Lithuania this year once again!

Probably the most gathering and undoubtedly one of the oldest music festivals in Lithuania. Each year hundreds of rock, alternative music and metal lovers arrive to DevilStone for chance to meet beloved musicians and listen their live musical experiments. Unforgettable experiences and remarkable moments allure people to came back there at least once again.

If you’re still writing your bucket list for 2018, DevilStone festival definitely should take a serious place there.

Ticket price starts at 40 Eur. You’re welcome to purchase it HERE.

More information about festival program

3 Vilnius International Film Festival “Kino Pavasaris” 2018

When: 15 – 29 March 2018
Location: Cinemas in various Lithuanian cities and towns

An impressive Film Festival is comming.
Copyright Jurgis Tarabilda

Kino Pavasaris is an unique film festival in the Baltic States. In 2018 International Film Festival will be held for 23 time. Each year it attracts plenty of marvelous filmmakers, brilliant actors and enthusiastic film lovers. Even more, organizers announced that this year the festival’s program consists of 200 stunning movies from all over the world. Thus, if you’re one of those who love to admire the movies, you definitely should give a chance for this festival.

More information about festival program and tickets

4 Bliuzo Naktys 2018

When: 6 – 7 July 2018
Location: Varniai, Lithuania

Amazing festival Bliuzo Naktys 2018 is comming.

Bliuzo Naktys 2018 is an exclusive festival in Varniai Regional Park on the shore of Lukstas Lake. Every year it’s a pleasantly surprising event, especially, for blues music lovers. Brilliant musicians will come there from various counties and they are ready to charm you once again in Bliuzo Naktys 2018.

Ticket price – 24 Eur. Number of tickets is limited at 500. So, if you’re planning to visit this awesome festival, keep your eye on the available count of tickets.

More information about festival program and tickets

5 Pazaislis Music Festival 2018

When: information is coming soon.
Location: Lithuania

Pazaislis Musical Festival is an exclusive opportunity to listen for classic music in fascinating environment.

Three wonderful months with unique Pazaislis Music Festival is an unforgettable experience each year. Amazing festival gathers plenty of people regardless of their age or nationality. Breathtaking sounds of the classical music create powerful ambiance and impressive memories for listeners.

More information about festival program and tickets

6 Kaunas Jazz 2018

When: 20 – 30 April 2018
Location: various cities in Lithuania

Kaunas Jazz 2018 is an awesome festival in Lithuania.

Kaunas Jazz 2018 is an international jazz festival that will be organized for the 28 time this year. Usually live music performances awaken the Lithuanian cities and their inhabitants from the deep winter sleep. Many of the festival’s events are absolutely free and influence people in a very positive way. Thus, if you’re hanging around, you definitely should stop for a moment and feel the life and awesome jazz power.

However, the majority of fascinating performances aren’t free. Many great musicians visit the festival from the foreign countries such as UK, USA, Israel, Norway, Finland and etc. So, those who wish to enjoy more professional performances has to pay for a ticket. But don’t be sad, ticket prices are really affordable.

More information about festival program and tickets

7 Midsummer Vilnius 2018

When: 16 – 25 July 2018
Location: Katedros a. 4 Vilnius, Lithuania (Valdovų rūmai)

Amazing festival in Vilnius is waiting for your attention.

Vilnius City Summer Music and Theater Festival combine stunning variety of musical styles and breathtaking theater performances. This festival each year attracts multitude of locals and the city guests by its amazing atmosphere and variety of events.

Recently organizers have announced that fantastic performance of well-known musician called Andrius Mamontovas will open the festival on July 16.

Unfortunately, full program of the festival hasn’t been announced yet.

If you decided to visit the festival, please double check the program.

Tickets will be sold online.

More information about festival program and tickets

8 Galapagai 2018

When: 27 – 29 July 2018
Location: Didžioji sala, Zarasas Lake, Zarasai, Lithuania

Galapagai 2018 is absolutely crazy festival in Lithuania.

This year the festival of Galapagai 2018 is going to present wonderful musicians and stunning entertainments once again. Wide range of musical genres and alluring attractions entice multitude of joyful people. Two days of great music and relaxing atmosphere. What can be better?

Even though accurate festival’s program isn’t announced yet, organizers suggest a ticket to you only for 25 Eur. (Later on tickets price might go up.)

If you’re are planning to visit Galapagai festival with a couple of friends, you should check the opportunity for getting a ticket for free. In the official festival’s website you can find an advert with the message  – “Buy 4 and get 1 as a Present” (in Lithuanian it sounds like “4 perki + 1 dovanų”). This deal might be change in a while, so you better check it before buying tickets in advance.

More information about tickets and program

9 Sea Festival 2018

When: unknown yet
Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Amazing Craft Fair in the Ses Festival 2018.

Sea Festival is an exclusive event in Lithuania. It might be called the oldest festival in the Baltic States. This year the Festival is going to be held for the 59 time! Charming fair, impressive ship parade, colorful festival opening procession, stunning musical performances and other amazing entertainments attract numerous people each year.

A stunning Craft Fair as usually might be located aside the Dane River. There the craft artists will offer a wide variety of handmade items such as jewelry, pottery, wicker bags, clothes and etc. Moreover, everyone who wondering through the Fair definitely has a chance to visit the most remarkable places in Klaipeda.

Most of that lovely events usually are absolutely free. So, if you’re planing to be in Klaipeda that weekend, you should definitely think about opportunity to become a part of this colorful celebration.

More accurate information about Sea Festival 2018 is not announced yet.

More information

10 Vegfest LT 2018

When: 9 July 2018, 10 am – 6 pm
Location: VCUP, Upės g. 9, 08106 Vilnius, Lithuania

Vegfest LT 2018 is comming soon!

Vegfest LT 2018 is really one of the most exceptional festivals in Lithuania. This festival gather people without any help of music or comedies as previously mentioned festivals do. In Vegfest LT festival people come together for meaningful conversations about vegan and plant-based lifestyle.

Entrance to the festival is absolutely free. So, all vegan diet lovers and everyone who has an interest in the plant-based nutrition are welcome to wonder through the vegan food fair and also join other amazing events.

Accurate festival program isn’t announced yet.

The Best Festivals in Latvia:

1 International Baltic Ballet Festival 2018

When: 9 – 28 March 2018
Location: Latvia

International Ballet Festival 2018 will be held for 23th time on this year.

International Baltic Ballet Festival 2018 is ready to surprise the audience by the special guests and their fantastic performances. All classical dance lovers will be absolutely fascinated by impressive dance programs of Austrian, American, German, French, Turkish and other marvelous artists.

More information about the festival

2 Positivus 2018

When: 20 – 22 July 2018
Location: Sporta iela 6, Salacgriva-4033, Latvia

Awesome festival in Latvia - Positivus 2018

‘Positivus’ is an annual music festival in Latvia. For the first time it was held in the summer of 2007. Since that time, its popularity grew really rapidly, thus nowadays Positive festival is one of the most favorite amusement among native music lovers. Each year great musicians and fantastic entertainment program create wonderful memories for the festival guests.

Unfortunately, full program of the event isn’t announced yet. However, the first headliner of Positivus 2018 festival is Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. So, if you’re looking for a short break and you’re rock music fan, at least for a one day you should visit Positivus 2018 and enjoy beloved music.

Tickets are already on sale!

The cheapest ticket costs 50 Eur for a one day, but you’re welcome to chose from various choices. The most expensive tickets is for VIP, of course. It costs – 250 Eur per person.

More information about festival program and tickets