Iron Wolf Story

24th October 2016

Nowadays Vilnius is well known as the capital of Lithuania. However, only few know the legendary story which is closely related to establishment of Vilnius city. So, if you’re planning to visit Vilnius in the near future, you might be really interested in that amazing story about Iron Wolf.

This story happened a long time ago. Lithuania was ruled by Grand Duke Gediminas who was a great leader and good hunter. Mostly he was hunting not really far from the Trakai city. However, one expedition took more time than he was expecting. So, the Duke Gediminas had to stay overnight in Sventaragis valley.

Aurochs was a great prey in that hunt. Therefore, Gediminas was satisfied and slept well. In the morning he remembered one mysterious dream. Iron wolf was standing on the huge hill and howling as a hundred wolves at the same time.

The Grand Duke Gediminas didn’t understand the real meaning of the dream. So, he told the dream to his wizard and asked for explanation. The wizard called Lizdeika said ‘the dream about Iron Wolf means that a great capital will be located there. While, loudly howling says you that the new city will be really popular one in the whole region.’

The next day after that Gediminas started to organize the construction of the new city and its castles. One of the castles was built on the huge hill. Another one was known as Zemoji Castle. The new city was called Vilnius because of the river name which was flowing nearby. Nowadays, you’ll see the same river flowing aside the city through the Puckoriai Exposure and well know Belmontas Restaurants.

The wonderful story about Iron Wolf is still alive. A lot time has passed from that decisive morning in Sventaragis valley. Even so, Vilnius has become a really popular city in the region. So, maybe this story is a bit more than a wonderful legend…

At these days you’re welcome to visit stunning Gediminas Tower which is situated on the huge hill in the city center. There you can know more historical details and enjoy a fascinating panorama of Vilnius city.

One thought on “Iron Wolf Story

  1. Why doesn’t anyone ever tell the entire story of the Iron Wolf?

    This is the story told to me by my mother, passed down by my grandmother, who was from Kaunas. In his dream, Gediminas was awakened by a wolf, howling on the hill nearby. He dreamed that the wolf was keeping him awake and he couldn’t sleep, so he got his bow and shot the wolf. He was very surprised to see his arrow bounce off the wolf, again and again. And the wolf kept howling. In the morning, Gediminas called his dream interpreter and told him about the dream. The man thought for a while and then told Gediminas that the wolf was made of iron and that is why the arrow didn’t harm him. He then told Gediminas that he would build a castle on that hill and it would never fall.

    Gediminas was recognized in a letter that the pope wrote as “that pagan king”. If the pope says it, it must be so.

    The Iron Wolf is the voice of the Lithuanian people and it will never be silent.

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