Guide to New Year’s Eve in Vilnius 2017

30th December 2016

New Year’s Eve in Vilnius is a special time in Lithuanian capital city. Every year thousands of cheerful locals and city guests flood the Cathedral Square and the main streets of the Old Town to watch fascinating fireworks and participate in one of the many New Year celebration events.

Nightlife in Vilnius is always pretty active, but it reaches its highest level on New Year’s Eve. Almost each night club or pub suggests loads of fascinating New Year’s Eve parties and other entertainments.

Vilnius attracts a lot of people during New Year’s Eve. As a rule of thumb, tickets for events sell out quickly and hotel rooms are reserved way before the big night. Therefore, we would recommend you to book the hotel in advance.

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The last evening of the year with the glasses of wine.

The best spots to watch fireworks

Cathedral Square. Even though exact location of fireworks usually is announced only few days before the New Year’s Eve, they’re always designed with guests in the Cathedral Square in mind. Therefore it gets especially crowded during midnight.

Hill of Three Crosses. Beautiful panorama of Vilnius Old Town opens from this hill. If fireworks are launched from Cathedral Square, Hill of Three Crosses will give you one of the best angles.

Will be updated when location of NYE fireworks is officially announced.

Things to do on New Year’s Eve in Vilnius

One of the most difficult parts of NYE celebration is deciding where to celebrate the arrival of New Year. There are some sexy suggestions that might dispel your doubts and help you to plan an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Vilnius.

  1. Refreshing stroll through the charming Streets of the Vilnius Old Town. It’s absolutely free. Although, the night of NYE is rather stormy than usual but you still can admire the architecture of Vilnius Old Town. Also, slow walk will introduce you to the amazing festive environment that surrounds you during whole New Year’s Eve in Vilnius.
  2. GALA concert called “Gražiausia Filmų Muzika”(The most beautiful music of the movies). The performance is suitable for people of various ages. Lithuanian musicians will perform well known movies’ songs. Romantic music sound will fulfill the area of love and peacefulness while soundtrack of “Skyfall” movie will take our minds to the world of adventure. Also, you might be mesmerized by the charismatic conductor V. Lukočius of orchestra of “Vilnius Sinfonietta” that will accompany for vocalists of the evening.
    Anyone wishing to visit GALA concert on NYE is welcome in Siemens Arena, Vilnius. Ticket prices starts from €29.90.
  3. Theatrical program is a perfect entertainment for those who are interested in the historical city life of Vilnius during the XIX century. Opera Arias and savory stories are waiting for curious guests and history lovers in the museum ‘Marijos ir Jurgio Slapeliu namas” at 19 pm. Ticket price is €25.

All tickets are provided on the

NYE in the different way – without Alcohol!

Year after year nothing has changed. Spectacular fireworks and loud parties have become a casual occupation on NYE. If the same just happened for you, this suggestion is a great option for your New Year’s in Vilnius. Celebration without alcohol in Magical Forest! Vegetarian dishes, pleasant environment, meaningful games and live music will create dozen unforgettable moments on the last eve of 2016. Also, the maximum number of guests is limited. So, you should hurry up to buy a ticket for that magical event.

New Year's Eve without Alcohol. Celebration near Vilnius.

Additional information

Ticket price of the NYE package is €119. It consists of alluring program, dinner on NYE, breakfast and lunch on the first day of 2017. Accommodation is included to the price as well.

Dress Code: it’s really funny and unusual this time. All guests are welcome to dress up like a magical forest’s inhabitants.

Place: its kind a pity that magical forest isn’t located in the heart of Vilnius. If you’re interested to the even, you should go a bit further from the city. We provide you with a GPS coordination that will help you to find the right place in the much easier way: N 55.060405 E 25.509251.

New Year’s Eve parties in Vilnius

Hilarious clubs and pubs are paradise for parties’ lovers on the NYE. Dozens of bars and night clubs are lined up in the Old Town of Vilnius. Usually, it’s really great because you can easily replace the party place to another. However, New Year’s Eve in Vilnius is a special occasion. Therefore, on NYE you should make a reservation to the restaurants and cafeterias for sure. Also, it’s rather likely that entrance to the majority of the nightclubs will be charged in higher price than usual. Nevertheless, below you’ll see a short list of nightclubs and bars that are situated around the area of Cathedral Square.

NYE party in the nightclub.

Pubs and Nightclubs in a distance of 500 meters and closer to the Vilnius Cathedral Square:

Night bar “MOJITOS – CASA DE CUBA”. Distance on foot about 350 meters.

Address: Totorių g. 11, Vilnius.

You are welcome to celebrate a NYE in the ‘Gran Fiesta en La Habana’ with Live Band Havana Jazz Brothers.
Dress Code: Flowers and Bright Colors.

Pubás “SWITCH BARAS”. Distance – 450 meters.

Address: Labdarių g. 8, Vilnius.

2017 New Year Party in Switch! Celebration starts at 8 pm.
If you are interested in a private table, you should reserve it in advance.

Night bar “PAPARAZZI”. Distance – 450 meters.

Address: Totorių g. 1, Vilnius.

Party called ‘Happy New Year’with Dj ‘Prabanga’.


Bar “CARRE”. Distance – 500 meters.

Address: Gedimino pr. 9, Vilnius.

Reservation in advance is necessary.

Reservation price for NYE starts at €45.

Pubs and Nightclubs in a distance of 750 meters and closer to the Vilnius Cathedral Square:

Pubás “REPUBLIC NO.4”. Distance on foot about 550 meters.

Address: Vilniaus g. 27, Vilnius

Pubás “LA BIRRA”. Distance – 600 meters.

Address: Vilniaus g. 29, Vilnius.

The best party of the year!

FREE ENTRANCE on New Year’s Eve.

Bar “COZY”. Distance – 600 meters.

Address: Dominikonų g. 10, Vilnius.

It’s a great place for spending a last evening of the year.

New Year Dinner costs €55.

Bar “V4 VILNIUS”. Distance – 650 meters.

Address: Vilniaus g. 16, Vilnius.

Bar “CACTUS BAR”. Distance – 700 meters.

Address: Bokšto g. 7, Vilnius.

Pubás “GRINGO PUB”. Distance – 750 meters.

Address: Vilniaus g. 31, Vilnius.

Pubs and Nightclubs in a distance of 1km and closer to the Vilnius Cathedral Square:

Bar “BRIUSLY”. Distance on foot about 800 meters.

Address: Islandijos g. 4, Vilnius.

Bar ‘KAS KAS”. Distance – 800 meters.

Address: Islandijos g. 4, Vilnius

Bar “JUODA RAUDONA”. Distance – 950 meters.

Address: Vienuolio g. 4, Vilnius.

Bar “3 STALIUKAI IR TELIKAS”. Distance – 1 km.

Address: Pamėnkalnio g. 14, Vilnius.

Bar “ALAUS BIBLIOTEKA”. Distance – 1 km.

Address: Trakų g. 4, Vilnius.

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