The 13 Things to Do in Klaipeda

3rd October 2017

1. Finding Gems in the Streets

One of the little gems in Klaipeda streets.

If you’re looking for cool and fun things to do in Klaipeda, we would recommend you to find perfectly hidden sculptures in the city center. From the first view it might seem as easy as pie but without map it’s a quite difficult task even for locals. Much more than 20 charming statues and monuments are situated in various unexpected places.

For those who are really crazy about sculptures we would recommend to visit Klaipeda sculpture park. You can easily reach it on foot while discovering Mazvydas Alley or going to the city center from Klaipeda bus station.

2. Enjoy the dolphins show in Dolphinarium

Visiting Dolphinarium is one of the must things to do in Klaipeda. Great dolphins and California Sea lions performances impress not only families but even the most skeptical visitors. The show lasts for about 30 minutes. Although it’s quite short, it’s more than enough to reveal fascinating skills of the animals.

Tickets prices vary from €3.5 to €10 depending on period of year and your age. If you’re sure about your time of visit, you can buy the tickets online.

Open hours and the show schedule vary from month to month, so we encourage you to a look at the official Lithuanian Sea Museum/ Dolphinarium website for the most accurate information.

3. An exceptional Entertainment in Klaipeda

Swimming by waterbike is exceptional attraction in Klaipeda.

Swim with waterbike is rather cheap and attractive way to discover the treasures of Dane riverside. For around 7 euros you can rent one of the colorful waterbikes and get around the most excited sights aside the Dane river. It saves time and gives an opportunity to take a look at “Meridian” from different perspective.

The easiest way to find these waterbikes is by reaching the captivating “Mermaid”. Rental is situated in front of this enchanting sculpture. During the warm season rental opens at 12 pm and works till 9 pm.

4. Memorable hours in the Museum of Clocks

What makes Museum of Clocks so impressive is its gorgeous collection of clocks and watches. You might be fascinated by the evolution of clock construction. Through the years it has significantly changed.

What is more, an amazing open air park of clocks is established in the back yard of the Museum. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an opportunity to measure the real Klaipeda time according to the sun. Even if your visitation day is too cloudy for that, you shouldn’t get upset because there are still many awesome things to do and to learn.

Museum of Clocks is located almost in the city center of Klaipeda, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties to reach it on foot. Museum address is: Liepų g. 12, LT-92114 Klaipėda.

Open hours:

  • Museum has a day-off on Monday.
  • On Tuesday – Saturday – museum is open form 12 pm to 6 pm.
  • On Sunday – from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Ticket prices are actually really cheap. One ticket for adult costs 1.80 Eur. Others who have a valid card for a discount should pay only 0.90 Eur.

5. Experience the sea spell at Klaipeda breakwater

Klaipeda breakwater is the only gate that connects Curonian Lagoon and year-round port with the Baltic Sea. So, there you can watch arriving and departing ships all day long. However, Klaipeda breakwater is quite short and narrow, thus during the stormy days it’s a bit dangerous and not fully adjusted for expeditions.

For those who’re planing to add Klaipeda breakwater to the their best things to do in Klaipeda list, we would recommend to check this website before traveling. There you’ll what’s real situation at the breakwater area. Also there you’ll find the time lapse which in Lithuanian is called “Laiko panorama”.

6. Food with a view

Restaurant VIVA LAVITA is definitely a great place for dinner in Klaipeda.

Restaurant VIVA LAVITA is an ideal place for lovely dinner in Klaipeda. The restaurant is located on the 20th floor of the most recognizable building in the city. Restaurant VIVA LAVITA undoubtedly is called as one of the most impressive restaurants in Klaipeda. Delicious food will impress you as much as gorgeous view over the Curonian Lagoon and Klaipeda breakwater.

7. Day trip to Curonian split

Amazing view in Juodkrante.

Parnidis Dune, ancient Fishermen houses, Witches Hill in Juodkrante and many other amazing spots are know as the most attractive places for tourists. Usually trip to Curonian Split is inscribed in the top 5 things to do in Western Lithuania list because of its specific location and exclusive nature.

8. Let’s play Chess for free

Looking for a break time?  Playing chess in the open air will definitely help you to relax from the strict sightseeing schedule. The chess board is situated in the heart of Klaipeda Old Town in front of the “Magical Mouse” sculpture.

9. Upside Down House

If you feel a shortage of ideas about what to do in Klaipeda, you should try to flip your life over  at least for few minutes and think about it once again. If the answers is yes, you can easily do it by visiting Upside Down house in Radailiai. This crazy house is situated just a few kilometers away from the city.

10. Dino Park

OMG dinosaurs still exist. That’s what you may think while looking at the extremely realistic dinosaur models in the Dino Park. They not only look like real dinosaurs but also can make sounds and move. That will undoubtedly attract your attention.

11. Experience boat trips

Klaipeda is situated in a very impressive place aside the Curonian Lagoon and next to the Baltic Sea. Therefore, the city guests are welcome to experience the boat tourism via stunning waterways. Trip duration and the ticket or boat rent prices depend on the waterway you choose. The most popular and the most impressive one leads aside the charming dunes in the Curonian split.

12. Diner time

If you’re looking for a casual place for a dinner, you’ll easily find it in the almost each street of the Klaipeda Old Town. However, those who love tasting really delicious Lithuanian food or pizza  should visit Friedricho pasazas. Several Chinese food restaurants are situated in the Old Town too, but we would recommend you to choose ones that are situated a bit further from the city center because they offer similar food quality for reasonably less price.

13. Romantic stroll through the River Bank

Lovely walk aside the Dane River in Klaipeda.

Klaipeda is a wonderful city with an amazing beach and magnificent bank of Dane River. At the sunny evening the lovely stroll aside the river should be called as number one on “what to do in Klaipeda” list. Dozen of beautiful sculptures and old boats create really special atmosphere there. The majority of these boats seems like really old ones. However, the most impressive and ancient boats decorate the river bank during the annual Sea Festival in Klaipeda, which takes place in the end of July.

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